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Emiliana Torrini - Fisherman's Woman

Review: Jack Foley

SINGER/songwriter, Emiliana Torrini has been enjoying something of a prolific period of late, having contributed the Gollum Song to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, written and toured with Thievery Corporation and penning a number one hit for Kylie Minogue, in the shape of Slow.

Given her recent collaborations, therefore, you might be forgiven for thinking that her second album, Fisherman's Woman, might be a little more interesting than it is.

Yet far from being anything really challenging or inventive, it's a somewhat restrained collection of 12 ephemeral and atmospheric songs that are designed to 'tiptoe into your heart'.

Torrini hails from Italian and Icelandic descent and has a voice that has been compared with another Icelandic star, Bjork.

But her work on Fisherman's Woman owes more in style to the likes of Norah Jones and Katie Melua, albeit in a far less expressive style.

Every track takes a softly, softly approach, underpinned by gentle guitar strokes or tinkling piano, without ever really getting going.

Opening track, Nothing Brings Me Down, is almost like a whisper, while the brooding Snow feels as cold and remote as the icy landscape it depicts.

There is simply too much of the same thing to really make the album stand-out.

Only really future single, Sunny Road, conjures images of idyllic summer days spent floating in a field, but it's simply not enough to save the album from its moribund state.

A disappointment given the heartfelt sentiment that was obviously put into it. (Read feature)


Track listing:
1. Nothing Brings Me Down
2. Sunny Road
3. Snow
4. Lifesaver
5. Honeymoon Child
6. Today Has Been OK
7. Next Time Around
8. Heartstopper
9. At Least It Was
10. Fisherman's Woman
11. Thinking Out Loud
12. Serenade

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