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Erasure - Nightbird

Review: Evelyn O'Connell

NIGHTBIRD is Erasure's first album of new and original material since 2000’s Loveboat, with a huge serving of Vince’s lovely synths and Andy’s amazing strong vocals, trampling any rumours that the duo are no longer the purveyors of fine pop they once were.

Nightbird is the first Erasure album to be solely produced by Andy Bell and Vince Clarke. Listening to the lyrics, the realisation is that this album is about love, the ups and downs that affect us all, and Erasure are at their best when they write about love.

The 11 songs are a fantastic mix of slow and faster paced tracks. Trademark synths from Vince are as they have always been, making up the catchy tunes which wouldn’t be out of place on any of Erasure’s early ‘90’s hits, but don’t take that as criticism.

Synths are what Erasure are good at and they’ve learned this from the amount of time they’ve been together. It is demonstrated in the hits they’ve had; so why change something that works so well?

The album opens with No Doubt, an amazing song that is almost ethereal, and sets the scene for the magical environment Vince and Andy have cast together.

Stand out tracks for me include their last release Breathe, which reached number 6 in the charts, Let's Take One More Rocket To The Moon, I’ll Be There and I Bet You’re Mad At Me.

All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love is a body moving dance anthem that is right up there with Love To Hate You and Breathe, which heralded the return to Erasure’s classically heartfelt best, is secretly infectious.

This album is without any doubt Erasure’s most relaxed and also upbeat.

Nightbird is one of their best pieces of work to date and while it doesn’t quite reach the standard of The Circus or The Innocents, it is certainly catchy and clever, and I really cannot emphasise enough just how strong and outstanding Andy’s vocals are - they really blow you away.

A perfect balance of classic pop tunes and dance love songs. Every track is distinct from the last with its added dash of Erasure magic installed within.


Track listing:
1. What Ever Happened?
2. Reptilia
3. Automatic Stop
4. 12:51
5. You Talk Way Too Much
6. Between Love & Hate
7. Meet Me in the Bathroom
8. Under Control
9. The End Has No End
10. The Way it is
11. I Can't Win

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