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Feeder - Pushing The Senses

Review: Jack Foley

HAVING forced the sceptics to take notice with their last album, Comfort in Sound, Feeder go from strength to strength with Pushing The Senses, their fifth and most ambitious studio album.

Building on the strong songwriting and engaging melodies that have become their trademark, Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose, together with new drummer, Mark Richardson, and long-standing producer, Gil Norton, have delivered an outstanding collection of songs that rate among the finest of their career.

Lead single, Tumble and Fall, is typical of what to expect - a song rich in the sun-drenched sound of the Californian-music scene that also maintains strong roots with its British background (complete with Fran Healy on backing vocals).

The excellent building guitar and the sweet, melodic chorus are equally as good as previous efforts such as Just The Way I'm Feeling and Find The Colour, while also serving to demonstrate the newfound maturity of the band as a collective whole.

Likewise, the gentle ballad, Tender, that grips from the moment its piano eases the listener in, before revelling in the quiet restraint of Nicholas' easygoing vocals.

Both tracks demonstrate Feeder's uncanny ability to deliver a great feel-good chorus.

And while the album may be quieter on the whole than past efforts, such as Echo Park and Yesterday Went Too Soon, there are still the odd tracks that bring back the guilty pleasure of listening to the likes of Buck Rogers and Seven Days In The Sun.

Take, for instance, the unadulterated power-pop of title track, Pushing The Senses, with its breezy, clap happy guitar riffs and sing-along chorus, which marks it out as a surefire contender for one of the best tracks of the year!

Or the blasts of power that resonate throughout the stadium-anthem, Pilgrim Soul, that marks the band at its most powerful and epic.

With Pushing The Senses, Feeder may be attempting to reach a higher level than ever before, but the journey is almost effortless.

The album contains a vibe that is reserved for only the best bands; those who have become comfortable with who they are, yet aren't afraid to push themselves further.

It is an epic, inspiring and completely captivating listen that should easily become the band's most commercially-successful effort to date. Anything less would be a tragedy.



Track listing:
1. Feeling A Moment
2. Bitter Glass
3. Tumble And Fall
4. Tender
5. Pushing The Senses
6. Frequency
7. Morning Life
8. Pilgrim Soul
9. Pain On Pain
10. Dove Grey Sands

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