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Time Capsule: The First Five Years Of Fingathing

Review: Rob Lord

I ALWAYS thought that you had to finish your career and be in the happy twilight of retirement before releasing a compilation or biography. But as we’re in the age of Jordan releasing her biography at 25, then Fingathing can sure as hell release their ‘best of’ after three albums.

Anyway. If you’ve got as much good stuff as Fingathing, why not?

If you know nothing about Fingathing, then they are a little more interesting than your average band.

Sneaky is an electric double bass player and DJ Parker is the DJ. Their tracks are built around strong, powerful baselines overlaid with whatever samples and scratches that Parker can pull out of the hat.

Parker being a DMC finalist knows what he’s doing when it comes to laying down scratches.

So, three albums and five years later, here we are with Time Capsule, tracks personally picked by Fingathing themselves.

Bursting open the album is Head To Head, a brooding Rocky-style fight tune where searing basslines compete with scratches to create a bruising, bustling meat cleaver of a track.

Wasting Time is the opposite, a soothing, emotional bassline is complimented with uplifting flute and stumbling, plodding beats.

It really is the anti-Head to Head and showcases that even with just the foundation of a double bass and a pair of decks anything can be made.

The crescendo of Wasting Time is the blending of disparate elements until they become a lovely ear massage.

Drunken Master is the epitome of less is more. With no obvious drum beat, it just the baseline arouses the aural interest and builds the tension.

Vocals are hard to come by on Fingathing records, maybe it’s the rarity that makes their find all the more worthwhile.

Slippin [which is also reviewed on Veba vs Grand Central] is that prime example. An explosion of a tune where Veba rises above hard ass beats and a relentless bassline. Sorry boys, Veba wins this outstanding vocal performance.

Superhero Music and Music to Watch Aliens By are cracking filmatic scores peppered with samples.

There is an element of consistency of sound and style that is uniquely Fingathing.

The dark and dirty brooding bass and ripped up samples define this duo in our clean living modern world. This can lead to a little repitition, but they always pull it out the bag with an unexpected vocal sample squeezed though a helium balloon or surprising emotion in the middle of a brutal onslaught.

I suppose if you have the other three albums, then this is not for you. If you don’t and you fancy some crazy assed mashed up bass and scratches, then you can’t go far wrong with Time Capsule.

Fingathing are playing live to support this album and Indielondon will be there - you should be too. Finagthing provide legendary live performances. If you like the music, you’ll be blown away live.

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Track listing:
1. Head to Head
2. Wasting Time
3. Drunken Master
4. Slippin’
5. Music To Watch Aliens By
6. Ffathead
7. Big Monsters Crush Cities
8. Superhero Music
9. Synergy
10. Slop
11. Don’t Turn Around
12. You Fly Me
13. Walk In Space

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