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Fischerspooner - Odyssey

Review: Emma Whitelaw

NEW York art-pop duo, Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner, re-emerge as kings of the dance scene this week with the release of their second album Odyssey. Marrying high art, high fashion, pop culture and, all importantly, pop music, Fischerspooner have always proved their work to be the epitome of cool.

Their first album, #1, was hailed by NME as'the best thing to happen to music since electricity'. A hard act to follow I am sure, yet the 'difficult second album' falls nothing short of its predecessor’s excellence.

With conceptual lyrics, experimental videos and a spate of cool electronic tracks, Odyssey is an artistic journey sounding like nothing before it!

Opening track and the first single lifted from the album, Just Let Go picks up neatly where # 1 left off. Written and recorded in one day, it features deliciously dark vocals and a kick-arse guitar rift.

The stylishly crafted Cloud follows influenced heavily by Warren’s love of the Cure’s unique chorus/post chorus song structures.

Like the classic rock albums before it, the album is a bona fide headphone album, layered with hidden sounds and ideas that reward the close listener.

In particular, A Kick In The Teeth’s closing bars are guaranteed to give a pleasurable mind fuck when listened to intently.

Everything To Gain is blissful and airy, yet darkly demonic. It is an especially significant specimen of just how exquisitely complex Fischerspooner can be.

With lyrics written by the late Susan Sontag, We Need A War is a satiric poke in the ribs of American (so called) democracy.

Interestingly, when the lyrics were presented to Casey, he claimed he wasn’t comfortable with saying the word ‘war’.

Sontag responded: "You need to get confortable saying the word war. Your president approved eighty billion dollars for a war in Iraq yesterday."

Odyssey, then, is no mere dance album, it is cutting edge culture.

Fischerspooner’s sound embraces the past; paying homage to such greats as Pink Floyd and The Beatles, yet Odyssey itself is light years ahead of anything in the UK charts today.

Electropop par excellence!


Track listing:
1. Just Let Go
2. Cloud
3. Never Win
4. A Kick In The Teeth
5. Everything To Gain
6. We Need A War
7. Get Confused
8. Wednesday
9. Happy
10. Ritz 107
11. All We Are
12. Circle (Vision Creation New Sun)
13. Just Let Go (Thin White Duke Mix) (Bonus Track)
14. Down Up (Bonus Track)
15. Just Let Go (Video)

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