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Goal! OST

Review: Jack Foley

AS A MOVIE, Goal! is as cheesy as things get but the soundtrack scores highly thanks to its hard-driving indie style which features new material from the Happy Mondays, Oasis and UNKLE (to name but a few).

Indie has always provided a good soundtrack to football, so it's little wonder that Danny Cannon has sought to compile a soundtrack that really compliments the subject matter well.

Kasabian's energetic Club Foot is perfect for setting football sequences to, while the cheeky camaraderie of the players is exemplified in the bouncy, 60s-influenced This Is The Land, from The Bees.

Where the Goal! soundtrack earns extra points for good behaviour, however, is in its smattering of new and remixed material from some pretty heavyweight names.

Kicking off the album in fine style is Happy Mondays' boisterous Playground Superstar, their first new material since 1992's Yes Please.

The track is typical of the Mondays' hip style, with Shaun Ryder's vocals as distinctive as ever and some nice slabs of slide guitar running throughout. The underlying melody is genuinely catchy as well, so it's little wonder the track has been chosen as a single to help further promote the film (the Mondays were due a revival after numerous live shows recently).

Strong too is the brand new Oasis track, Who Put The Weight of the World On My Shoulders, an acoustic driven effort that's penned and sung by Noel Gallagher.

It's reminiscent of glorious past B-sides such as Talk Tonight and Half The World Away but kicks in with a really emotive, strings-laden chorus.

As tender as the melodies sound, however, it's still distinctly Gallagher-influenced, thanks to lyrics such as 'so don't try to fuck up my head with your problems'.

The band contribute three tracks in total - the others being a D Sardy Mix of their anthemic piledriver, Morning Glory, and UNKLE's mellow Beachhead Mix of Cast No Shadow (from (What's The Story) Morning Glory), which brings a little something extra to an already great track.

Talking of UNKLE, Messrs Lavelle and co contribute two tracks of their own - the brooding Leap of Faith, featuring another excellent vocal from South's softly-spoken Joel Cadbury, and the more energetic Blackout, which accompanies the football sequences to perfection.

Given the film's numerous clubbing and nightlife sequences, there's also Dirty Vegas' chilled out Human Love and Princess Superstar's Wet! Wet! Wet! to continue the energetic vibe.

In fact, the only time a red card has to be issued is during Graeme Revell's insipid instrumentals which really do sum up the saccharine tone of the movie.

Fortunately, these are in short supply and don't really mar what is an otherwise must-have album for the indie faithful.

It's fair to say, Goal! takes maximum points for scoring so highly in its selection of choice cuts.

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Track listing:
1. Playground Superstar - Happy Mondays
2. Who Put The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders - Oasis
3. Leap Of Faith - UNKLE feat Joe Cadbury of South
4. Human Love - Dirty Vegas
5. Morning Glory (D Sardy Mix) - Oasis
6. This Is The Land - The Bees
7. Cast No Shadow (UNKLE Beachhead Mix) - Oasis
8. That's That - Graeme Revell
9. Club Foot - Kasabian
10. Look Up - Zero 7
11. Wet Wet Wet - Princess Superstar
12. Blackout - UNKLE
13. Will You Smile Again For Me - …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of the Dead
14. Premiership Medley - Graeme Revell

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