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Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

Review: Heather Metherell

EMERGING as part of the noughty's chill out movement was a mixed blessing for Goldfrapp. Being sampled on numerous television adverts and music compilations gave them commercial success, but it also lumped them in the unfortunate category of 'dinner party music for 30-something's'.

Perhaps it was this that gave them the motivation to break out of the mould, with their new album Black Cherry?

Louder, sexier and darker, though equally as theatrical as their debut, Felt Mountain, this new material shows, without a doubt, that Goldfrapp is one of the most interesting bands around.

They have certainly come a long way since Felt Mountain, and are showing us once again, that they can produce truly beautiful, unique and intelligent music.

Evidence of Will Gregory's history in film score composition is apparent throughout, as this is music that has been carefully considered and produced. It is, as always, Alison Goldfrapp who really steals the show; and it's great to see an interesting female artist who's not afraid to push some musical boundaries.

As much as Felt Mountain was evocative of the sweeping landscapes and gorgeous countryside that encircled the bungalow in which it was produced, Black Cherry is all about neon lights, and the buzz of city life that surrounded the duo during its 12 month long creation.

The current single, Train, is a perfect example of this, with its dirty bass line and mechanical beat.

There's much fun to be had with the more energetic tracks, such as Strict Machine, which is a glam rock/disco fusion, with a bouncing bass line and breathy vocals.

Another highlight is Twist, which has some great vocal layering, a powerful beat and raunchy lyrics that should be a hit on any dance floor.

The strangely titled track Hairy Trees, is both fantastic and magical. Combining beautiful soaring strings, reminiscent of John Barry's early Bond music, and Alison's 'lighter than air' vocals, this is a lullaby that could send even the most enduring insomniac to sleep.

The real gem of the album is the title track, Black Cherry; an understated, sexy song, with a simple, stunning melody supported by Goldfrapp's signature strings. The lyrics speak of intense, obsessive love; lyrics such as "all my world in one grain of sand, and you own it," are sung with real passion and soul.

This is a stunning album, full of delicious, seductive music. It also shows that Goldfrapp are not afraid of maturing and developing their sound.

Black Cherry definitely has to be one of the best albums of the year so far.

Track listing:
1. Crystalline green
2. Train
3. Black cherry
4. Tiptoe
5. Deep honey
6. Hairy trees
7. Twist
8. Strict machine
9. Forever
10. Slippage

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