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Greenspace - Mini Debut LP

Review: Jack Foley

NEWCASTLE swoon-rockers, Greenspace, specialise in creating beautiful noise.

According to lead singer, Hazel Wilde, 'noise is special... it says things that transcend the fabric of what it is. It's the only language that we're comfortably fluent in'.

Hence, the limited edition debut mini-album from Greenspace is unlike any noise you're likely to hear in a long while.

It's a fragile, tender noise, wrapped in epic guitar riffs and the seductive vocals of Wilde who, at times, bears an uncanny similarity to Chrissie Hynde or Imogen Heap (of Frou Frou).

Tracks have a tendency to meander their way into your sub-conscious, yet listening can take the form of a musical massage - a dreamy, lazy collection of melodies that are designed to soothe.

Something To Me, for instance, is a swoonsome blend of crisp guitar riffs and melancholy lyrics related in a sad style, yet which feel strangely uplifting.

Guitarist, Paul Greggory, works well in tandem with bass player, Ed Smith, while Ol Kettringham's drums are never evasive, providing the sort of backdrop that Pink Floyd used to specialise in.

Several of the tracks contain an almost cinematic sweep, even though they might be a little too meticulous for some.

Almost every one takes a while to unfold, yet almost always contains something mysterious and intoxicatng within.

Come To The Edge is another track that gives way into some terrific guitar riffs, while Waiting Angels is a serenely satisfying listen that eases you into final track, Heavy Heart, which finds Wilde's vocals at their most reassuring.

The mini-album is limited to just 500 copies - so move quickly to ensure you don't miss out.

This is an excellent debut that is well worth making plenty of noise about.

Track listing:
1. Forty Four Sunsets
2. Something To Me
3. Come To The Edge
4. Marcel
5. ....
6. Waiting Angels
7. Heavy Heart

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