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Harry - The Trouble With...

Review: Jack Foley

THE trouble with... Harry is that she has arrived a little too late, really.

Yet another female artist who is not afraid to use sex and good looks as a tool to garner publicity, Harry (aka Victoria Harrison) arrives on the crest of the rock-electronica wave with mixed results.

Think Transvision Vamp's Wendy James, or even the lead singer of The Divinals (I Touch Myself), for what to expect, and you might realise that the Harry sound is one which owes much to the Eighties rock/synth movement.

There are guilty pleasures, of course, such as in her exploitative use of underwear as outerwear, or the sexy playfulness of lyrics such as 'you stay in bed, and I run out the door', and 'I'm hungry without you', on Taste Like Kisses, which hint at the vamp inside the girl.

The music, too, sounds much better than some of the vocals, with guitars very much to the fore, and a few beats and loops used to interesting effect, lending the album some crisp production values.

But the main trouble with Harry is, well, Harry herself. Too many of the tracks sound mundane, with the vocals doing little to suggest they haven't been lifted from another era.

Her decision to revive Salt 'n' Pepa's Push It, a cheesy 80s 'classic', and give it a more guitar-driven edge is indicative of the jumbled feel of the album as a whole, with far too many tracks prompting the question, 'why?'

For every good track, such as the feisty 10 Things, or the serene So Real, there are equally bad ones, such as opening track, Goddess on the Floor, or the risible Heroin - which really belongs on the soundtrack of a forgettable Eighties Brat-pack movie (and we're not talking Breakfast Club).

In fact, the most interesting thing about Harry is the fact that she has already courted controversy by dating one of Kylie's ex's, and has provoked the wrath of Warner Bros, for attempting to call herself Dirty Harry.

Alas, attempts to 'make our day', musically, have proved a little off-target!

1. Goddess on the Floor
2. 10 Things
3. So Real
4. Follow Me
5. Valley
6. Underground
7. Eye
8. Push It (Real Good)
9. I Do What I Do
10. Taste Like Kisses
11. Heroin
12. Nothing Really Matters
13. Imagination

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