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Hexstatic - Master View

Review: Jack Foley

FOLLOWING the success of Listen & Learn, Hexstatic duo, Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson, produce another essential collection of mashed-up brilliance, that combines the best of their musical ability with their skills as VJs (or practitioners of a visual mixing technique that fuses and segues images in the same way that a DJ mixes records).

Master View is a DVD/Audio release that is jam-packed full of exquisite beats, classic electro and trademark Ninja funk that comes complete with synchronised videos for every track as well as extras including 3D anaglyph versions of selected videos.

It finds Hill and Brunson at their most inventive and surreal and is sure to become one of the alternative dance anthems of the year.

On the DVD side, the mix features everything you could possibly hope for and more from the Hexstatic universe - from vintage video game porn for the over thirties, to cartoon ninjas killing dogs, sixties future psych, giant teddy bears, birds that sing along to the tune and rapper, Juice Aleem, spitting out the Beatles.

What's more, having enthralled you once, it does it again in 3D - just to really freak out your mind!

In CD form, the album simply represents a fantastic listen - a sample-laden, good-humoured joyride through some of the finest cuts and breaks delivered onto the Ninja label this year.

Chase Me, for instance, features the sort of cool gangster-vibe that inhabits the soundtrack of Ocean's Eleven, mixing and matching some truly retro-beats with some scuzzy guitar riffs and a brilliant hammond organ section.

While the blissed out Pulse, which rounds off the album, is sure to induce stoner-heaven, without any need for the spliff!

Along the way, there's the blip-heavy Telemetron, which features another sublime piece of lazy guitar, and the dreamy Perfect Bird, which features a delicious female vocal sample.

Recent single, Salvador, is a perfect showcase of the bands mighty rhythms and electronic-fixation, while the big beats of Toys Are Us pave the way nicely for the chilled out finale.

It may be a little too quirky to cater for all tastes, but for anyone who likes their beats to be a little challenging, then Master View provides a masterclass to revel in.


Track listing:
1. Extra Life
2. Chase Me
Real™ l Windows™
3. Telemetron
4. L-Virata
Real™ l Windows™
5. Perfect Bird
Real™ l Windows™
6. Salvador
Real™ l Windows™
7. Living Stereo
8. Distorted Minds
9. That Track
Real™ l Windows™
10. Toys Are Us
11. Pulse

* All tracks re-appear on the DVD, which is included in the order price

** Play the Chase Me game

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