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The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives

Review: Jack Foley

IT'S been three years since The Hives crashed onto the musical scene with their barnstorming album, Your New Favourite Band.

But while it's undoubtedly good to have their short, sharp bursts of lively garage-punk back, the sound doesn't feel quite so fresh this time around, and there are times when things become a little wearying.

Tracks tend to blur into one and there is very little to choose between some, making Tyrannosaurus Hives a curiously flat affair at times.

That said, when they're good, they really rock, and fans of their punk-laden Seventies-based firecrackers, and stomping Sixties r'n'b numbers will no doubt have a blast.

The single, Walk Idiot Walk sets the standard, unashamedly crashing through your speakers like a rioting, loud-mouthed yob, and refusing to calm down for even one of its 34 minutes' running time.

The stop-start guitar antics of the opening moments of Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones could easily veer into the classic (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone; while the sound of the stomping Sixties is effortlessly recaptured in the dancefloor bound A Little More For Little You.

Such moments find the Swedish five-piece at their absolute swinging best, and Tyrannosaurus Hives feels like a wild party as a result.

Pelle Almqvist's throaty lyrical style also gives rise to the suspicion that the lead singer may have laid down each of the records after a particularly heavy night on the town - Jagger and co, eat your heart out!

And the rapid-fire chorus of Dead Quote Olympics could easily have been ripped right out of the Clash's songwriting book.

But the album stops someway short of rivalling the classic status of its predecessor due to the fact that certain tracks feel as though the band are on auto-pilot.

This is never more apparent than during numbers such as B Is For Brutus and Missing Link, which really feel like album fillers.

So while there's no danger of Tyrannosaurus Hives spelling the premature extinction of The Hives just yet, some sort of greater progression may be necessary to keep the fans tuned in by the time the next album swings around.

Track listing:
1. Abra Cadaver
2. Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones
3. Walk Idiot Walk
4. No Pun Intended
5. A Little More For Little You
6. B is for Brutus
7. See Through Head
8. Diabolic Scheme
9. Missing Link
10. Love In Plaster
11. Dead Quote Olympics
12. Antidote
13. Up Tight (Bonus Track)
14. The Hives Meet The Norm (Bonus Track)

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