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Warchild: Hope

Preview: Jack Foley

APRIL 21 marked the release of the critically-acclaimed Hope album, created for the purpose of securing financial support for the child victims of the war in Iraq.

As with many charity events or products, whether entertainment endorsed or otherwise, people like to think that their purchases and support have made some kind of significant difference and in this case it has.

With the rebuilding of Iraq a number one priority following the war, the War Child charity was more than keen to find out how successful the campaign has been so far.

Key executives from the charity went to WEA offices in London last week (April 03), where they were greeted by record company manager, John Reid, who revealed that, to date, sales from the album have already managed to generate a healthy £150,000 in funding for the War Child charity - in just two weeks.

The cheque for the first of the profits was handed over to War Child's Heather Kerr, she has already earmarked the money to help re-kit both an Iraqi orphanage, which was bombed and looted during the fighting, and a hospital in Nasiriyah.

The album, which features a collection of well respected and diverse artists including Paul Mc Cartney, Avril Lavigne, Travis, Beverley Knight and Moby to name a few, has already been very successful, entering the compilations chart in the top five.

After 12 years of sanctions and a lifetime of oppression the crisis of Iraq's children still remains. It is easy to forget how such an existence can leave innocent children demoralised, uncertain and often traumatised by the effects of the war.

The only hope for Iraq is its children, so by investing in them, we help secure a better future for the country and our hope's of a more peaceful world.

Track Listings:
1. The Beautiful Occupation - Travis
2. Knocking on Heaven's Door - Avril Lavigne
3. Calico Skies - Paul McCartney
4. Everyone Says Hi - David Bowie (Metro Mix)
5. The Grave - George Michael
6. In The Ghetto - Ronan Keating
7. Stand up as People - Lee Ryan
8. Love's in Need of Love Today - Beverley Knight
9. Nearer - Moby
10. Vietnam - New Order
11. Love Is The Answer - Bassment Jaxx feat. Yellowman
12. Hold On (War Child Mix) - Spiritualised
13. We Got to Have Peace - Charlatans
14. Ooh Child - Beth Orton
15. Border Song - Tom McRae
16. The Wolf Covers Its Tracks - Billy Bragg
17. Peace Train - Yusuf Islam
18. Keep Hope Alive - Jesse Jackson

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