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Hot Hot Heat - Elevator

Review: Jack Foley

WHEN Canada's Hot Hot Heat first burst onto the scene in 2002, with the hip single, Bandages, they were immediately hailed as one of the trendiest bands of the moment.

Fast forward three years and it seems as though they are having to re-introduce themselves all over again.

Not that this is a bad thing, of course, given that their ability to deliver hopelessly cheery three-minute blasts of post-punk pop songs has not diminished in that time.

If anything, their sound is a little more refined and benefits tremendously from the production values of Dave Sardy (Dandy Warhols, Jet, Oasis) - but I doubt you'll find a more energetic and shamelessly enjoyable post-punk indie rock album all year.

Elevator shows that Hot Hot Heat are very much on the up, flooring the competition with their deft blend of infectious melodies and dance-floor friendly anthems.

Steve Bays' distinctive vocal style continues to be as giddy as ever, while the guitars are as playful and inventive as ever.

Indeed, even though guitarist, Dante DeCaro, recently left the group, he was around to co-write and record many of the tracks and is said to be as proud of it as the remainder of the band (his replacement is Luke Paquin).

Highlights include the forthcoming lead single, Goodnight, Goodnight, which is among the most infectious on the long-player, as well as the Cure-like Middle of Nowhere, which finds the band bringing in a few more sounds while delivering a truly memorable chorus.

The chiming guitars and lush hammond organs of Pickin' It Up are sure to provoke easy comparisons with the likes of The Clash and, more recently, The Kaiser Chiefs (I Predict A Riot), while the 'la, la, la' intro of Ladies and Gentleman seem designed to invite you to sing-along with them.

Strong, too, are the uplifting melodies of You Owe Me An IOU, which could easily be another single.

Yet it is typical of Hot Hot Heat's happy-go lucky enthusiasm that all of the tracks on Elevator provide a hopelessly breezy explosion of joy that can't fail to make an impression in what is otherwise becoming an overcrowded post-punk market.

The vibe on this one is scorching!

Track listing:
1. Introduction
2. Running Out Of Time
3. Goodnight Goodnight
4. Ladies And Gentleman
5. You Owe Me An IOU
6. No Jokes - Fact
7. Jingle Jangle
8. Pickin' It Up
9. Island Of The Honest Man
10. Middle Of Nowhere
11. Dirty Mouth
12. Soldier In A Box
13. Untitled
14. Shame On You
15. Elevatora

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