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Husky Rescue - Country Falls

Review: Jack Foley

MARKO Nyberg, founder of Husky Rescue, describes his music as being 'like spring's sunbeam after the long dark sunless winter time'.

He adds: "Every track [on debut album, Country Falls] is designed to be a warm breeze to counter the chill of daily life, whether you live in cold climes or not."

With this in mind, it is refreshing to report that Country Falls achieves exactly what its creator had hoped it would.

Rather like that first ray of warm sunshine on a spring day, it has the effect of calming the listener and soothing them away from any troubles.

Nyberg admits to being strongly influenced by the power of films and the hypnotic quality of photography and paintings and has therefore set out to make an accompanying soundtrack.

And from the gentle opening strains of Sweet Little Kitchen, through to the upbeat funk of Summertime Cowboy, and blissful new single, New Light of Tomorrow (which has been remixed by the likes of Bonobo), Nyberg has succeeded in creating a sublime soundtrack for the mind.

Occasionally melancholy, but more often than not bittersweet, Country Falls is one of the most chilled out albums of the moment, featuring plenty of dreamy vocals set against lush beats and warm melodies.

Take Sunset Drive, for instance, which builds slowly towards its rousing conclusion, or the delicate opening moments of My World, which tip-toe into your sub-conscious - all possess a very relaxed, yet confident, quality.

Husky Rescue have been favourably described as Finland's answer to Air and the comparison is not misplaced, as several moments on Country Falls evoke memories of Moon Safari.

Yet there is something even more surreal about Husky Rescue's work that shouldn't be ignored and which is damn-near impossible not to like.

Much of this is probably due to the fact that the album was created with the help of many of Nyberg's friends in Helsinki, which the artist credits with assisting the creative process.

The good time enjoyed by all translates well to the listener, whether through Reeta-Leena Korhola's blissfully dreamy vocals, or Miika Colliander's country and folk-tinged guitars, or Ville Riippa's excellent keyboards.

It's a quietly mesmerising listen and one that shouldn't be overlooked.


Track listing:
1. Sweet Little Kitten
2. Summertime Cowboy
3. New Light Of Tomorrow
4. Sunset Drive
5. My World
6. City Lights
7. Gasoline
8. Rainbow Flows
9. Sleep Tight
10. Mean Street
11. The Good Man
12. The Man Who Flew Away

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