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Joy Zipper - The Heartlight Set

Review: Jack Foley

THE serene psychedelic delights of Joy Zipper evolve quite beautifully on their latest album, The Heartlight Set, one of the surefire contenders for album of the year.

Having hinted at greatness with their previous work, American Whip, and the EPs that preceded it, Vinny Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale now broaden their outlook to deliver an album of shimmering brilliance that just keeps getting better with each listen.

Tabitha, herself, states that 'it's easy for us to wrote slow, dreamy songs'. But while they feel they 'have that corner covered', The Heartlight Set is the sound of an act 'becoming more ambitious'.

"This is the first time we've thought about what it's going to be like to play the songs live, and that's made things sonically tighter and led us into a kind of evolution," she states.

The result is truly amazing and instantly noticeable.

Opening track, Go Tell The World, sounds like a statement of intent from Joy Zipper that commands people to pay attention.

It's a tub-thumping, handclapping, guitar-driven rallying cry that sets you up for the delights to follow.

Forthcoming single, 1, follows in its wake, quite possibly emerging as Joy Zipper's finest hour so far. As sun-drenched and happy go-lucky as Beck's Girl with extra added psychedelic spin, the track contains blissful lyrics such as 'lying naked in the sun/making eyes at everyone' that effortlessly puts you into a good mood.

We defy you not to be singing and shuffling along to its bouncy melodies and laidback guitar riffs. It's truly the 1 track you will need for summer happiness.

The pensive, introverted ballad, Thoughts A Waste of Time, follows along, providing a neat contrast to the happiness, with some similarly enchanting melodies.

While limited edition single, You're So Good, picks things up again, with some deranged guitar, and some gutsy vocals from Tabitha (it was a former IndieLondon single of the week).

We could go on... Anything You Sent is a bittersweet tale of how Tabitha developed a crush on a girl because she looked like her mum that kicks off with a Canned Heat-ish Going Up Country keyboard line and ever-rising melody. It quietly mesmerises.

Lenny's Own Pleasure, Vinny and Tab's paean to Lenny Bruce and his fabled dissolute lifestyle ('having sex with friends, Bobby and Andy'), is a woozy, luscious number that recalls the California vibe of the Seventies.

While the sound of the West Coast is also rife throughout You've Changed, an acoustic ballad of loss that finds Vinny's vocals at their most aching (with plenty of strings running throughout).

Excellent, too, is the elegaic World Doesn't Care, with its muted trumpets and lap steel, which has been hailed by Joy Zipper themselves as the anti-Everybody Hurts. It's achingly poignant yet utterly compelling.

As melancholy as some of the themes may sound, however, Joy Zipper infuse their music with such uplifting melodies that it's damn near impossible not to become intoxicated by their beauty.

Witness the upbeat Window, or the laidback vibe surrounding Rockdove (perfect for a West Coast drive?), as evidence of their ability to mix things up.

I urge you to go buy this record and discover the joy of Joy Zipper for yourselves. I guarantee, you'll be rushing out to Go Tell The World how great it is afterwards!

Click here for Joy Zipper audio/video

Track listing:
1. Go Tell The World
2. 1
3. Thoughts A Waste Of Time
4. You're So good
5. Anything You Sent
6. No Time Pt. 1
7. For Lenny's Own Pleasure
8. You've Changed
9. Window
10. 2 Dreams I Had
11. World Doesn't Care
12. Rockdove
13. Holy Diver

Click here for Joy Zipper audio/video

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