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Kano - Home Sweet Home

Review: Jack Foley

IT TAKES something a little bit special to drag the sound of East London's grime scene into the mainstream.

Roll Deep recently managed it by setting some hard urban beats and raps against some well-chosen samples and melodies.

Now comes Kano (aka Kane Robinson), the 19-year-old MC and street poet, who cleverly transcends a difficult genre to broaden his appeal.

Home Sweet Home is a mixed bag of an album - one that's undeniably rooted in the streets of Kano's upbringing, but one which is savvy enough not to become constrained by such boundaries.

The style is reminiscent, at times, of the likes of Dizzee Rascal and The Streets, yet it's wider appeal comes down to Kano's wicked ability to mix it up a bit.

Hence, the hard-rock style of former hit single, Typical Me, a cautionary confessional that sees Kano shrugging his shoulders outside the Ministry after being thrown out by steroid-pumped bouncers ('I’m trying hard not to be aggressive but it’s just one of those days/ a typical situation encountered by our nation’s youth countless times up and down the UK every weekend').

Or the samba and horns which accompany Remember Me, another shamelessly catchy effort that indulges Kano's cheeky style.

There are times when the album fails to pull off the trick as seamlessly as it might, with several tracks resorting to bog-standard grime rhythms and rhymes, or over-ambitious blending of styles.

I Don't Know Why is an uneasy mix of rap and glam-rock style guitars, while the Ibiza-style dance vibe surrounding Nobody Don't Dance No More sends a shiver down the spine.

Bonus track, Boys Love Girls, is also rooted in the style of early Dizzee Rascal and The Streets, which I have always found groan-inducing.

But in the main, you have to tip your hat to Kano for daring to do something different from the norm.

Home Sweet Home is therefore an album with unlikely crossover appeal that serves as a significant showcase for a rapidly emerging talent.

It may possess a few too many home comforts, but it's well worth paying a visit.

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Track listing:
1. Home Sweet Home
2. Ghetto Kid
3. P’s And Q’s
4. Reload It
5. Typical Me
6. Mic Check
7. Sometimes
8. 9to5
9. Nitenite
10. Brown Eyes
11. Remember Me
12. Don’t Know Why
13. How We Livin
14. Nobody Dont Dance No More
15. Signs In Life
16. Boys Love Girls (Bonus Track)

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