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Kate Rogers - Seconds

Review: Rob Lord

STRANGE concept this. Acoustically cover a load of disparate songs having only listened to them a couple of times to get the basics.

The songs covered range from those by The Smiths, Radiohead, Blink 182 and Green Day to Aim and Kate, herself from Grand Central.

I can’t say I’m a fan of many of the original tracks covered. I am, though, a fan of Kate’s beautiful voice. It gloriously towers above the tracks she sings on, always adding and never detracting from the music.

I guess, though, when a track is stripped back in this way to the acoustics then it doesn’t really matter what it sounded like in the first place.

On Seconds, Kate’s vocal performance is top notch as normal. She delivers the lines as if she wrote them herself, putting all her effort into making the tracks interesting and appealing.

Although whether she can pull this off single-handed is in dispute.

It took me a long time to get into this album.

I think I was trying to forget the originals and enjoy the covers for what they are. Now, though, I am a fan and it’s opened up these songs to the missus, who now only knows them in their acoustic version.

The Smiths' Big Mouth Strikes Again opens Seconds. It’s a slower, more emotional version. A mouth organ provides the tune and Kate uses her voice to provide the anger and bitterness the words deserve.

Climbing Up The Walls has haunting production and as Kate sings the chorus, her voice comes from different places at different pitches to give real depth.

Here Comes Your Man is excellent. Halfway through, the double bass kicks in and provides a great rumbling undercurrent to Kates’ upbeat vocals.

The best by far is Miss You, there’s so much here - harmony on the chorus and a sense of aggression in Kate’s voice that’s drives the song forward.

The vocals are fast and snappy against the smooth chorus creating a great counter balance.

When the chorus does come in, it’s at a much higher pitch than the other vocals and lights up the track. It may have been a rubbish Blink 182 song but it’s Seconds’ standout track.

Seconds is a fairly short album but it’s one that can go round and round on the CD player without ever getting boring. There may be sad stories in many of these songs but they never become depressing, dull or boring.

Recommended, just give it the time it deserves.


Track listing:
1. Big Mouth Strikes Again
2. Climbing Up The Walls
3. Sail
4. Here Comes Your Man
5. Big Me
6. Broken Arrow
7. Miss You
8. Brain Stew
9. Nothing Appeals To Me Here

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