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Kathryn Williams - Over Fly Over

Review: Jack Foley

KATHRYN Williams recorded her latest album, Over Fly Over, with the classics in mind, citing Joni Mitchell's Blue and Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks as inspirations.

As such, the tracks are as lyrically dark as anything she has penned before, but still contain a rendering of pop innocence that keeps them on the cusp of the mainstream.

Written before and after she recorded her covers album, Relations, the songs are as diverse as we have come to expect from the Mercury Music Prize nominee and just as high quality.

Recent single, the catchy Shop Window, is indicative of what to expect, with Williams' vocal style reminiscent of the aforementioned Joni Mitchell, with its subtle, husky delivery.

Yet for all of the darkness to be found in some of the lyrics ('I'd pay good money to sort your head out, to blank out the screen'), there's an upbeat energy to the track displayed in the pop innocence of some of the melodies and the Hammond organ, which gets a welcome outing midway through.

The album gets off to a fine start, too, with the brooding Three, which features a lovely smattering of violin, and wistful lyrics such as 'how did love appear on my face like glasses?'

Indifference #1 bears an acoustic guitar vibe that bears comparison with Turin Brakes at their most mellow, while offering up another tantalising set of vocals.

While Breath emerges as a beautiful love song with some truly provocative lyrics and some more well-used violin.

Further highlights include the emotive City Streets and the album finale, Full Colour, another of the more upbeat moments.

There are moments when the album feels like it could do with an injection of pace, but if you're in the right mood for it, Over Fly Over is a richly considered, thought-provoking gem that is certain to win Williams many more accolades.

In looking to the classics for inspiration, it seems the talented artist has crafted another she can proudly call her own.

Track listing:
1. Three
2. Indifference #1
3. Breath
4. Old Low Light #2
5. Just Like A Birthday
6. Shop Window
7. Escaping
8. Beachy Head
9. City Streets
10. Untilt the Dark
11. Baby Blues
12. Full Colour

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