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Lawrence - The Night Will Last Forever

Review: Jack Foley

GERMANY'S Lawrence, aka Peter M Kersten, specialises in mixing house with minimal techno and deep ambient influences and has already delivered two albums.

His third, The Night Will Last Forever, is pretty much more of the same as he seeks to continue his experimental narrative with emotive melodies and electronic house grooves.

As such, his music is an acquired taste, but one well worth checking out for fans of ambient dance, or the late night grooves that Chris Coco and Rob Da Bank lay down during their acclaimed Blue Room sessions.

The album opens with the delicate piano of Lost Images before gradually building momentum through the deep bass lines and atmospheric melodies of his first single, Swap.

Throughout, the album feels very nocturnal, as though it may be accompanying some imagined soundtrack to an urban thriller set in the dark.

Cab Driver is a classic example of this, a deeply atmospheric slice of ambient-techno that contains a genuine sense of foreboding.

In truth, some of the album sounds a little repetitive, with several tracks blurring into one another in an alcohol-induced haze, yet there are moments to savour.

The gentle melodies of Leave Me Tomorrow, especially, bring the album to a tender close, hinting at a sadness that might not be there.

It's also a great track to bring you down after a possible night on the tiles.

Yet much of The Night Will Last Forever requires patience and several listens and is probably best left to the nocturnal hours in which Lawrence prefers to exist.

Background biography

For those seeking more information about Lawrence, he is already best known for being the producer of two albums for his own Dial imprint and Ladomat (namely Lawrence and The Absence of Blight), which have helped foster a growing reputation as one of Germany’s hottest new producers.

As a DJ, Lawrence currently holds down residencies at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club and Click, while on his and Carsten Jost’s Dial label he has released numerous 12”s under the name of Sten in what might be termed a more minimal techno style.

Then there is his Lloyd alter ego whereby he makes abstract hip hop and there is also an ‘in progress’ ambient guitar project called Bordeaux helmed by Turner, Carsten Jost, Peter and Martin Hossbach, the owner of the Masseundmacht label.

The single, Swap, features remixes from Carsten Jost and Serafin and is available on novamute.


Track listing:
1. Lost Images
2. The Night Will Last Forever
3. Swap
4. A Quiet Day
5. The Lawn
6. Happy Sometimes
7. Falling Down A Dam Of Mashed Potatoes
8. Attracted By Fire
9. Cab Driver
10. Crippled Trees
11. Along The Wire
12. Leave Me Tomorrow

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