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Lene Marlin - Another Day

Review: Jack Foley

GIVEN that her debut album, Playing My Game, sold more than two million copies world-wide, and went platinum in the UK, following it up was always going to be a neat trick for Norwegian singer/songwriter, Lene Marlin.

But rather than panicking, or becoming too arrogant, Marlin sought out the talents of producer, Mike Hedges, who has worked with U2, The Cure and Travis, and has gone for more depth, delivering an album of carefully constructed ballads, which should bring her more of the same success.

How much you get on with the album, depends on how much you love ballads, as there are plenty of love songs on offer; something which eventually works to the album's detriment in the long-run.

When it is good, the album is a fairly lively affair, with the stronger guitar sound better serving the likes of The Cardigans-esque first single, You Weren't There, as well as the catchy Sorry - moments when Marlin's breathy vocals sit comfortably with the guitar melodies that do evoke memories of Travis.

But too often the album seems content to drift into the slow-building, moody ballads, which are supposed to provide the ideal platform for Marlin's dreamy lyrics.

The only one which really strikes a chord is the soft, wistful My Love, with its strong sense of longing keenly brought out in Marlin's style, and the acoustic backdrop; but grander numbers, such as the piano-led Faces, or Story, feel a little laboured and lifeless.

Still, hopeless romantics of the female persuasion are likely to derive the most pleasure out of it, which is the type of market it's really geared towards - a grittier version of Dido, if you will.

Treated as such, it delivers a certain amount of pleasure, while the power of Marlin's vocals is beyond question.

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Track listing:
1. Another Day
2. Faces
3. You Weren't There
4. From This Day
5. Sorry
6. My Love
7. Whatever It Takes
8. Fight Against The Hours
9. Disguise
10. Story

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