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Lisa Stansfield - The Moment

Review: Jack Foley

HAVING sold nearly 20 million albums to date, Lisa Stansfield can rightly lay claim to being the UK's top female vocalist of the past 15 years.

The Moment marks her sixth studio effort, and is notable for being produced by the innovative and hugely influential, Trevor Horn.

Sadly, it's a patchy affair, that is aptly summed up by the term, 'sophisticated adult-orientated pop'.

There's no denying the enduring quality of her voice, but there are several moments when the album failed to stretch her, particularly as it seems to have its eye fixed a little too strongly on the mainstream.

Tracks such as the dreary ballad, Say It To Me Now, and the bland, soul-laden He Touches Me fail to properly do justice to the artist, and feel like the sort of tracks that could easily turn up on a Saturday night Lottery-style programme, as easy-listening entertainment fillers.

They are in stark contrast to the stronger points of the album, which include a gutsy cover version of Prefab Sprout’s When Love Breaks Down, and the upcoming single, Treat Me Like A Woman, which find Stansfield a little more feisty.

Speaking about the album, Stansfield states, in her PR, that: "Recording the album was just really refreshing. We would write very quickly and just go in and see what worked.

"Initially, we played with a full band and then Trevor would add and take things away.

"But there is a live, relaxed feel to some of the vocals, which came from those early sessions. I am a real perfectionist and it was just really exciting to let go."

With this in mind, it seems little wonder that some parts of the album do seem a little rushed, while others are strictly for the women only.

The Moment will no doubt consolidate Stansfield's position at the top of the pile of UK female singers, but it ultimately disappoints more than it delights.

Lisa Stansfield - The Moment!

Track listing:
1. Easier
2. Treat Me Like A Woman
3. When Love Breaks Down
4. Say It To Me Now
5. He Touches Me
6. Lay Your Hands On Me
7. The Moment
8. If I Hadn’t Got You
9. Take My Heart
10. Love Without A Name
11. Takes A Woman To Know

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