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The Loose Cannons - Make The Face

Review: Jack Foley

LOOSE Cannons duo, Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader, believe that their debut album, Make The Face, would be like the 'world of Outkast had they spent their childhood in south London, during the Thatcher years'.

That is to say, I guess, that it contains the same funky vibes as several of the tracks on the Speakerboxx long-player, albeit set against a different urban background, and political era.

And if the sound of this grabs you, then Make The Face is the album for you.

It is a killer debut, destined to become one of the hippest UK albums of recent years, which hints that people like Outkast might not be having things their own way in the future.

The Cannons blasted onto the musical map last year, following the release of their hopelessly feel-good debut release, Superstars, which marked them out as an oufit to watch.

Recent single, I Like It When Ya, built on the positive vibe surrounding them.

And now that the album is here, it's refreshing to be able to report that it fully lives up to expectations.

Make The Face combines elements of lowdown sex, dirty funk and electropop with hints of hip-hop and chill-out, providing an excellent soundtrack to life in the bustling metropolis of 2004.

Needless to say, the themes are all-encompassing, taking in love, lust, grime, hedonism and exultation, as well as the usual dirty grind.

Highlights include the two former singles, as well as Nu Beautiful, which contains a vocal performance that Prince would be proud of; the blissfully chilled out n44, which seems tailor-made for the soundtrack of a movie; and the album finale, 23:59:59, which provides a fitting comedown after some of the club-orientated dance beats.

Being a debut album, not everything works as well as it might, and some of the more electro-orientated material fails to achieve the same high standards set by the singles, feeling like album fillers instead (s.o.h.o. being a prime example).

But there is enough here to get excited about, making The Loose Cannons' brand of funk something that does, indeed, provide a suitable soundtrack to modern London life.

Click on the photo below to hear some of the tracks....

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Track listing:
1. Entry
2. I Like It When Ya...
3. Nu Beautiful
4. Superstars
5. Got It All (Wrong) (Album Version)
6. N44
7. Big Enough
8. Almost On Fire
9. Out 4 The Nite
10. S.O.H.O
11. Confessional
12. Phone A Friend
13. 23:59:59 / Nu Beautiful (Reprise)

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