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Lulu - A Little Soul In Your Heart

Review: Jack Foley

GIVEN the current soul revival spearheaded by the likes of Joss Stone, it comes as no surprise that other artists are venturing into older territory for quick musical success.

The latest to revive some former classics is British singing legend, Lulu who, with the help of executive producer, Sir Elton John, has concocted a collection of 11 soul classics designed to... well, I'm not sure really.

It's actually hard to think of a good reason why this album has been put out given the pedigree of those involved.

Sir Elton certainly doesn't need the money, while Lulu can look back on a career spanning 40 years and plenty of chart hits.

Perhaps she's attempting to appeal to a more youthful fanbase to carry her through a few more decades, or maybe she's just indulging a passion, but this collection of soul classics continually begs the question, 'why?'

Lulu fans will probably get a kick out of hearing their favourite singer's voice give a workout to the likes of Try A Little Tenderness (The Commitments did it better) or Put A Little Love In Your Heart.

But do we really need another version of The Shoop Shoop Song?

And lame, piano-based ballads such as Gateway To Heaven, a supposed bonus at the end of the compilation, really lack the soul that was intended in the first place.

For the Lulu diehards only!


Track listing:
1. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
2. Baby I Need Your Loving
3. I Thank You
4. Try A Little Tenderness
5. I Can't Turn You Loose
6. Your No Good
7. The Shoop Shoop Song
8. You Send Me
9. Go Now
10. Just One Look
11. Gateway To Heaven

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