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Magnet - The Tourniquet

Review: Jack Foley

ENIGMATIC Norwegian, Magnet (aka Even Johansen) returns with his second album, The Tourniquet, in suitably impressive fashion.

Having won many fans with his massive debut, On Your Side (which included the hit, Lay Lady Lay, and provided soundtrack fodder for everything from The OC and Six Feet Under to Mr and Mrs Smith), Magnet has followed it up with an even more invigorating sound that truly establishes him as an artist of genuine warmth.

Opening track and former single, Hold On, is indicative of what to expect; a slow-building track that delivers plenty of warmth and hope.

It may begin in brooding, reflective fashion, but it includes some wonderful electronic flourishes and looks set to become a genuinely uplifting anthem.

Or, as Even himself puts it: "It’s like a soul ballad, with a Beach Boys outro, and it means? Well I think it means what all good soul ballads mean – there are good times a comin’!"

The rest of the album unfolds in similarly emotive fashion, captivating listeners with its dreamy lyrics, laidback vibe and seductive melodies.

Fans of the likes of Badly Drawn Boy, Crowded House and The Beatles are sure to be impressed.

Highlights include the tender third track, The Pacemaker, with its vivid chorus ('take my hand, I will follow, only you can slow this down'), and the breathtakingly beautiful ballad, Fall At Your Feet, which reaches the same sort of emotional intensity as a Coldplay track, albeit with softer melodies.

Both tracks hint at Magnet's trademark melancholy style before punctuating them with some genuinely uplifting moments - both lyrically and musically.

But as the artist himself states, The Tourniquet is more about hope than sadness and the music is frequently inspiring.

There are sad moments, however, such as the achingly poignant Miss Her So, which begins with a few gentle guitar chords, before delivering a truly heartbreaking chorus (given added significance by the power of Magnet's vocals).

Believe is another gem, a dreamy and hopelessly endearing indie gem that includes an invigorating chorus.

It's clear that as an artist, Magnet is growing in confidence and pushing himself in ever-more ambitious directions.

The Tourniquet is a stunning follow-up that really ought not to be missed.

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Track listing:
1. Hold On
2. Duracellia
3. The Pacemaker
4. Believe
5. All You Ask
6. Deadlock
7. Fall At Your Feet
8. Blow By Blow
9. Miss Her So
10. Jaws

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