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McFly - Wonderland

Review: Jack Foley

POP ambassadors, McFly, bid to expand their sound with new album, Wonderland, but end up resorting to formula for a long-player that feels too groomed for success for its own good.

Kicking off with the recent single, I'll Be OK, the album begins brightly enough, clearly drawing on influences including The Beatles, The Who and 10CC, but it tails off into painful ballad territory, adding strings here, there and everywhere in a desperate bid to remain faithful to its young listener base.

Were it to have been a little more consistently ambitious, Wonderland might have fared better - as it stands, it's pop pap with only the odd moment to redeem it.

I'll Be OK, for instance, is a breezy, if lightweight, guitar-based effort that's sure to become an anthem. It's bright enough to flourish in the overcrowded summer market and contains some pretty decent guitar riffs - but it marks something of a false dawn.

Likewise, I've Got You, which opens with a guitar riff that's been virtually lifted from The Who's Pinball Wizard, before drifting into a bland verse and an OK chorus.

Ultraviolet attempts to bring in some eastern flavour, yet seems to back out in favour of another teen-friendly melody.

While there's some nice acoustic guitar on The Ballad of Paul K - but the song is again let down by the hopelessly juvenile-sounding vocals.

These guys are simply too clean cut to be taken seriously and it begins to grate the longer the album continues.

By the time you reach the sickly sweet All About You, with its Disney-soundtrack inspired opening strings section, it's downhill all the way.

Along the way, there's the piano-tinged ballad, She Falls Asleep (Parts 1 and 2), which is a great cure for insomniacs, and the dreary Don't Know Why, before closing out with the hopelessly bland album closer, Memory Lane.

In terms of musical progression, McFly's second album is clearly striving for adulthood - but it remains rooted in puberty.

You should therefore approach advisedly.


Track listing:
1. I'll Be OK
2. I've Got You
3. Ultraviolet
4. The Ballad Of Paul K
5. I Wanna Hold You
6. Too Close For Comfort
7. All About You
8. She Falls Asleep (Part 1)
9. She Falls Asleep (Part 2)
10. Don't Know Why
11. Nothing
12. Memory Lane

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