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My Computer - No CV

Review: Jack Foley

MANCHESTER duo, My Computer (aka Andrew Chester and David Luke), don't do anything by half measures.

Debut album, Vulnerabilia, was a critically-acclaimed effort that failed to sell as many copies as their label would have liked - so they were dropped.

Rather than refining their style, however, they've expanded it for the follow-up, No CV, an eclectic, sprawling affair that has already led one critic to describe it as a mix of Rachmaninov, Aphex Twin, Jerry Goldsmith and Tim Buckley.

For that matter, you can also throw in elements of the acoustic vibe associated with Turin Brakes (Crystal Clear), as well as the ambition and scope of Radiohead.

One thing's for sure, No CV won't appeal to everyone, but it does have moments that are accessible to anyone.

Lonely kicks things off in rowdy fashion, amid a wail of guitars and with the despairing lyrics, 'I'm so lonely', suggesting a rock album in the style of Foo Fighters. Yet midway through, it changes pace, easing into a piano-laden mini-ballad that becomes almost classical.

This change of tempo is evident in most songs and is useful for keeping listeners on their feet, especially given the length of most of the tracks.

Stumble is a much more mellow track relayed in alt-country style yet similarly packed with despairing lyrics.

While things change pace again for the dub-heavy dance of Dig A Hole, a quirky, edgy piece of nu-wave indie that even includes a change in vocal direction.

The remainder of the album follows in pretty similar fashion, consistently refusing to rest on its laurels or settle back into any one particular style.

It's what makes it so intriguing, occasionally mystifying, yet always challenging and frequently quite rewarding.

Further highlights include the blissful Life, which really comes to, erm, life midway through; the brilliant The Boy I Used To Be, a dance track that's dripping in Eastern-style strings and an epic quality; the quirky Don't Go, with its soft electronic beats; and the acoustic melodies of Crystal Clear, which is great for chilling out with on hot summer days.

Like Vulnerabilia before it, My CV isn't always successful but it's failures are still noteworthy in some way; while it's hits are really quite special.

Vulnerabilia: Reviewed

Track listing:
1. Lonely
2. Stumble
3. Dig A Hole
4. Life
5. Steve’s Critique
6. The Boy I Used To Be
7. Don’t Go
8. Some Chemicals
9. Crystal Clear
10. Over You
11. Pulling Myself Together
12. Heart

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