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Natascha Sohl - Strange Fascination

Review: Jack Foley

LONDON-based girl rocker, Natascha Sohl has been described as 'Lenny Kravitz meets Alanis Morrisette', given her guitar-based style and tendency to deliver fiery, feisty lyrics.

Sadly, the singer fails to match the quality of either artist, appearing as more of a young pretender than any genuine threat to either throne.

Sohl has been building a name for herself on the live circuit for some time, and her album, Strange Fascination, keeps getting pushed back while she builds support.

Her vocal style isn't bad and she certainly has a lot more going for her than any girl band, or Pop Idol wannabe; but her material lacks anything to make it really special.

It's accomplished, even catchy at times, but it sounds too generic for its own good.

Tracks such as My Needs seem to have been copied from the Avril Lavigne song-book, and are far too repetitive, while the world needs another angry girl rocker like a hole in the head.

Lyrics such as 'though you try to break me I don't lie down to stand up straight/ this sinking feeling that I can't swallow I hope won't escalate', on Madness, are the order of the day, yet lack the gusto or belief that Alanis, at her bitterest, injects into them.

The album, as a whole, is rife with upbeat, catchy and angsty songs packed with jangly guitars, but there is also something missing.

Perhaps it's because Natascha has kept her eye a little too much on pop territory, but her brand of rock feels a little soft.

Too many tracks begin promisingly, only to fizzle out, or fall back on safer territory, bland choruses, or the need to become overly repetitive.

Maybe if she gets a little harder, or a little more original, she'll fare better in the long-term, but for now, this strange fascination simply isn't fascinating enough!


Track listing:
1. Are You Ready?
2. Make Your Own Way
3. Give it All Away
4. My Needs
5. Madness
6. Fine with Me
7. Forgive Me
8. What Do You Want?
9. Another Day
10. Remember Me
11. I Didn’t Know
12. Walking Thru Space
13. Wishful Thinking

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