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New Order - Singles

Review: Jack Foley

NEW Order are often credited with being 80s pioneers thanks to seminal hits such as Blue Monday and True Faith and the videos that accompanied them.

Throughout their time, however, they have continually delivered some truly great singles, from the English footballing anthem, World in Motion, to Regret, right through to tracks like Krafty and Waiting For The Sirens Call from their latest album of the same name.

This 2-CD greatest hits collection, aptly named Singles, charts the band's progress from their very first release right through to their current effort, delivering the cream of the crop for most New Order fans.

It's the definitive collection that ought to make its way onto plenty of Christmas lists as thoughts turn to those stocking fillers, especially when taken together with the two special DVDs that are being released at the same time.

For those who don't know, New Order first broke into the spotlight with a lively, indie-style cover version of Joy Division's Ceremony, which established their ability to deliver catchy pop records that effortlessly ease their way into your sub-conscious.

Tracks like Everything's Gone Green, with its synth-pounding beats and thrashed guitar stabs, and Temptation, which retain an endearing quality even today, followed along.

CD1 of Singles concentrates on the early years, as they continued to build a reputation for themselves.

But New Order finally made their biggest impression at the tale end of the 80s, thanks to the hit singles, True Faith and Blue Monday, which saw them really being labelled as pioneers.

True Faith, in particular, contains that unique quality to sound timeless, consistently coming near the top of peoples' personal favourites and Xlists galore.

Both musically and visually (thanks to the astonishing video), New Order proved themselves to be at the cutting edge of the new music scene.

From there, the band headed to Ibiza to deliver some Balearic-based hits (Fine Time, Round and Round), which began to introduce the appetising blend of synths and indie guitar riffs (that continued to expand on the Joy Division sound that undoubtedly proved an inspiration).

For me, though, they really hit their stride at the turn of the 90s, thanks to more timeless hits such as Regret - one of the best records they have ever produced thanks to its bouncing bassline, melancholy lyrics and perfectly blended mix of guitars and electronics.

Likewise, the haunting, melancholy Ruined In A Day, which was taken from the same album, and showed a more serious side to the band as well as a growing maturity. It's an excellent bedfellow to Regret.

The band went back to dance for tracks like Spooky and World (Price of Love) but remained at the cusp of the dance scene, and then changed pace again for the souped up Crystal, one of the rockiest tracks they have produced (and another gem).

After a couple of years away, New Order then came back as strong as ever with their latest album, Waiting For The Sirens' Call, which contained the seminal hits Krafty and Jetstream.

Krafty, especially, revelled in its easy mix of past styles and modern sensibilities, proving that the band had lost none of its ability to conjure magical moments of indie-electronica-tinged pop.

It capably sums up the feel-good vibe surrounding the album and deftly illustrates why New Order have continued to remain such a potent musical force all over the world.

And in case you still don't believe me, then try picking up Singles and not finding anything to like. It's an epic collection from one of modern music's pioneering outfits.

Track listing:
Disc: 1
1. Ceremony
2. Procession
3. Everything's Gone Green
4. Temptation
5. Blue Monday
6. Confusion
7. Thieves Like Us
8. Perfect Kiss
9. Subculture
10. Shellshock
11. State Of The Nation
12. Bizarre Love Triangle
13. True Faith
14. 1963
15. Touched By The Hand Of God

Disc: 2
1. Blue Monday
2. Fine Time
3. Round And Round
4. Run 2
5. World In Motion
6. Regret
7. Ruined In A Day
8. World (Price Of Love)
9. Spooky
10. Crystal
11. 60mph
12. Here To Stay
13. Krafty
14. Jetstream
15. Waiting For The Sirens' Call

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