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Nickelback - All The Right Reasons

Review: Jack Foley

NICKELBACK are a strange band in that they have always promised more than they ultimately deliver (to me).

Their chart hits are addictively catchy, such as How You Remind Me (from Silver Side Up), but all too often they resort to easy formula.

Whether it's pounding, stadium-style rock tracks, or limp soft-rock ballads, their albums are over-populated by routine efforts.

All The Right Reasons, their latest long-player, is a classic case in point, in that you can practically pick the singles off it.

The album was spear-headed by the catchy first single, Photograph, which updated the How You Remind Me formula with more of Chad Kroeger’s distinct vocals and some easy-going guitar riffs.

But the rest of the album fails to match that standard, flitting between macho, testosterone-driven rock cuts and wimpy, doey-eyed ballads.

The machismo (and chauvinism) is best exemplified in tracks like Fight For All The Wrong Reasons, which includes such choice lines as 'I guess it wasn't really right, I guess it wasn't meant to be, it didn't matter what they said, cos we were good in bed' and 'it's just a little hard to leave when you're going down on me'.

It's supposedly offset by the more tender moments, such as Far Away, which drips in the sort of Hollywood-style sentiment that has helped reduce many a big rock act to a laughing stock.

We're supposed to swoon at lyrics like 'that I love you, I have loved you all along, And I miss you, Been far away for far too long' - but the result is more nauseating than invigorating.

Elsewhere, the album is stocked with the usual foot-stompers such as Next Contestant, another of the macho power tracks that relates how a beautiful girl is continually pulled by low-life men lining up like contestants ('I wish she'd take the night off so I don't have to fight off every asshole coming on to her').

Or the future single, If Everyone Cared, a soft-rock ballad that reflects on the state of the world and attempts to use Kroeger’s vocals as a softer, more contemplative Kurt Cobain. It's passable and easy to pick out as a single but it sounds as though it's been written with the fast bucks in mind.

The rest of the album delivers pretty much of the same chalk and cheese variations, all of which tend to muster the same sort of indifference.

Listeners should therefore approach advisedly.

Track listing:
1. Follow You Home
2. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
3. Photograph
4. Animals
5. Savin’ Me
6. Far Away
7. Next Contestant
8. Side Of A Bullet
9. If Everyone Cared
10. Someone That You’re With
11. Rockstar

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