Waxing lyrical about Mind Elevation

Review by Jack Foley

THE fourth album from Leeds-born DJ/producer George Evelyn is another terrific collection of chilled beats, sweeping loops and feelgood melodies, guaranteed to relax even the most stressed out mind.

Mind Elevation may not rival the breathless beauty of Carboot Soul (surely Evelyn's finest work to date), but it certainly comes close and is, at all times, a joy to listen to - whether it be nodding your head in apprecation with the laidback beats, smiling with appreciation or simply chilling out on a sofa, or lying on a bed, in music heaven.

Music critics credit Evelyn's work as being ideal for post-club listening, or a perfect summer soundtrack for those hot and lazy days, and these descriptions come close for what to expect.

Carboot Soul, in particular, is a dreamy, efforlessly pleasing listen, which shys away from the mainstream at all times, preferring instead to sneak up on your subconscious and consistently surprise. Mind Elevation does pretty much the same, while venturing into more radio-friendly territory.

While essentially a collection of entrancing melodies and lovingly-composed instrumentals, there are also some guest vocals to savour, on tracks such as 70s 80s, Date With Destiny and the former single, Know My Name.

70s 80s, in particular, which features guests vocals from Lee Kenny, is a well-observed classic, managing to make you feel good, while reflecting on the dark days of the Thatcher era, Jim'll Fix It and the good and bad of the era. It is packed with wry social commentary, without ever managing to feel preachy, too clever or arrogant (something which cannot be said for the over-rated likes of The Streets).

Elsewhere, the feisty, soulful vocals of Chyna B perfectly offset the trip-hop beat of Know My Name to create the type of track which should have made a huge impression on the charts, while Date With Destiny is a joyously funky, spine-tingling delight, guaranteed to have you swaying those hips, or dancing around the bedroom.

The mood of the album is set from the first track, the gorgeously addictive Mind Eye, while the sweeping strings and electronica of Bleu My Mind are likely to have you purring with contentment throughout. This truly is an album to savour and one which continues to deliver something new with every listen, even if some tracks leave you craving more.

Track two, Say-Say, for instance, teases listeners by suggesting it is going to do more, while the sublime Mirrorball is too short by far, clocking in at a mere 1min 16secs.

Yet for Nightmares on Wax junkies, the Limited Edition CD is essential, featuring the best of this and previous albums sampled and remixed for 39 minutes of further joy. The obligatory Nights Introlude sets the mood nicely, before taking a glorious joyride through the likes of Carboot Soul's Finer and Ethnic Majority, before unfolding into newer tracks such as Know My Name and Date With Destiny.

As Chyna B suggests on Date With Destiny, 'open up your mind and let light in' by buying Nightmares on Wax. Fans of chillout will not be disappointed.

Track listings:

Disc: 1
1. Mind Eye
2. Say-Say
3. Thinking Of Omara
4. Date With Destiny
5. Bleu My Mind
6. Enviroment
7. Soul Ho
8. Humble
9. 70s 80s
10. Know My Name
11. BBH
12. Mirrorball
13. Thoughts

Disc: 2
1. Nights Introlude
2. Back Into Time
3. Use Ya Dub
4. Survival
5. Rise
6. Finer
7. Capumcap
8. Humble
9. Environment
10. Burn Me Slo feat. O.C.
11. Ethnic Majority
12. Know My Name
13. Easejimi
14. Date With Destiny
15. Days Like These
16. Keep On Rockin
17. (Man) Tha Journey
18. E.A.S.E.
19. BBH (Bongo-Brk-Haven)
20. Play On feat Corrina Joseph
21. Playtime/Omara/Groove St
22. Praying for a Jeepbeat
23. Bless My Soul