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Nusha - Full Spectrum EP

Review: Paul White

IS NUSHA just another dance drum and bass wannabe?? Well read on people and you will find that wannabe is the wrong turn of phrase, more like gonna be!

Nusha has just released his debut limited EP, entitled Full Spectrum.

This may be Nusha’s first release, but he is certainly not new to the scene! Nusha has played out at some top clubs in his career, playing alongside EZ, DJ Luck and MC Neat and Masterstepz at the Gas Club, Emporium and Bagleys.

First track in is Fat n’ Chewy, featuring Special Techniques. It's full on almost from the word go, with some sweet vocals and a b-line that breaks ya back!!

Starting out his early musical tastes with electro old school classics, (Planet Rock, Africa Bambatta as a must!), progressing through to rare groove, garage and right up to date, with some phat drum and bass!!

Pressure Drops offers up some more really nice breaks and drop ins!

The one thing that makes this track shine is that you can hear that thought has been put into this just by the quality on the production and from the breakdowns through to the rushes - a refreshing change at a time when it seems that anyone can knock off any old plop with a sequencer and a drum machine.

As the title of this EP suggests, there are a broad range of influences on each track!

Rainforest Blues is reminiscent of some early Ninja Tune material, which is never a bad thing and is bound to end up on a summer chill album in a record shop near you.

Time to put down ya Brown Paper Bag and get hold of this!!

Full Spectrum EP will be available soon on exclusive download at


Track listing:
Fat N’ Chewy (feat Special Techniques)
Fat N’ Chewy (instrumental)
Pressure Drops
Rollin Tunder
Rainforest Blues (smoker chill mix)

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