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Ocean's 11 - OST

Review: Jack Foley

A SUPER-COOL film with an ultra-cool cast deserves to have a really cool soundtrack and David Holmes does not disappoint on the soundtrack to Ocean's Eleven.

Picking up virtually where he left off the last time he collaborated with Steven Soderbergh (on Out Of Sight), Holmes turns out a series of seriously funky rhytmns and beats guaranteed to find a warm place in the home of any fan of great music.

Ocean's Eleven is a really easy listen, effortlessly capturing the sound of Las Vegas and the cool criminal underworld Soderbergh's movie characters inhabit, while at the same time keeping an eye on the sounds of the 60s which inspired the Rat Pack original.

Sinatra may not be on the soundtrack, but scattered between the Holmes moments is a diverse, but no less funky, collection of cool classics, from Elvis Presley's little heard A Little Less Conversation, Perry Como's Papa Loves Mambo and even The Philadelhia Orchestra's Clair de Lune (from Suite Bergamasque).

Keeping things modern is Handsome Boy Modelling School's The Projects (featuring Trugoy, from De La Soul and Del from Del Tha Funkee Homosapien), as well as one of Belfast-born Holmes's more well-known and more chart-friendly numbers, 69 Police (which, I believe, has also been used in an advert).

And if that wasn't enough to recommend this quintissential beat-laden mix, then fans of the movie will take delight in picking out soundbytes from it - whether it is George Clooney introducing his character of Daniel Ocean to a parole board, discussing heist plans with Brad Pitt, or Elliott Gould explaining why Ocean's 11 thieves should take down Terry Benedict's casinos.

The whole CD is an effortless, chilled out listen - much like the movie is an effortless joy - so anyone who enjoyed the latter is sure to want to own the former. It is well worth a gamble.


Track listing:

1. Percy Faith and His Orchestra/Theme for Young Lovers
2. David Holmes/Boobytrapping
3. Handsome Boy Modelling School/The Projects
4. D Holmes/The Plans
5. Perry Como/Papa Loves Mambo
6. D Holmes/Ruben's In
7. D Holmes/Lyman Zerga
8. Arthur Lyman/Caravan
9. David Holmes/Gritty Shaker
10. D Holmes/Planting the Seed
11. D Holmes/Pickpockets
12. Elvis Presley/A Little Less Conversation
13. Percy Faith and His Orchestra/ Dream Dream Dream
14. D Holmes/Stealing the Pinch
15. Quincy Jones/Blues In The Night
16. D Holmes/Tess
17. D Holmes/Hookers
18. D Holmes/$160 Million Chinese Man
19. David Holmes/69 Police
20. The Philadelphia Orchestra/Clair de Lune (from 'Suite Bergamasque')
21. Percy Faith and His Orchestra/Theme For Young Lovers

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