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One Self - Children of Possibility

Review: Jack Foley

HAVING impressed with lead singles, Be Your Own and Bluebird, DJ Vadim's One Self now realise their potential with debut album, Children of Possibility.

The group is comprised of Vadim and two of his closest musical collaborators - Swedish-Brazilian, Yarah Bravo and American, Blu Rum 13.

By placing their voices together for the first time, Vadim has created a genuinely vibrant group collective, offsetting Blu Rum's gruff musical growl against Yarah's sweet, octave-hopping, spoken word stylings.

In single form, the contrasting styles worked wonders; in album form, they really sound terrific.

If one were being harsh (or critical), Children of Possibility isn't the masterpiece the singles suggested it might be. Certain tracks fail to carry as much impact as others.

But this birth of a new project, or the children of the album title, could well grow into one of Ninja's greatest family possessions and the early word is encouraging.

Kicking off with Blu Rum's proletarian anthem, Fear The Labour, the album first introduces us to Vadim's ability to put together a delicious twiddled guitar loop (which actually conjures fond memories of some of Bonobo's sounds).

It is quickly followed by the edgy Trying To Speak and former single, Be Your Own, which is notable for its rhythmically driving Indo-Arabic beat and subtle blend of soul and hip-hop.

Indeed, the first few tracks really bring Blu Rum to the fore, creating a more urban hip-hop sound set around the distinctive beats of Vadim.

But come the halfway point, things chill out somewhat with the arrival of Bluebird, and Bravo's sultry tones.

Bluebird is probably the album highlight - a lush, summery slice of hip-hop/rap that is sure to generate some serious crossover appeal to all members of the dance fraternity.

It comes with another delicious twiddled guitar loop, some excellent stabs of bass and a trademark rock-solid beat from Vadim, as well as a near-perfect vocal trade-off between Bravo and Blu Rum.

Further highlights include the smooth R&B-style Hollow Human Beings, which gives some welcome pause for meditation and another sassy vocal from Bravo, as well as the super chilled Unfamiliar Places, which brings the album to a genuinely pleasing close.

Where it falters slightly is during its more experimental moments, as in Vadim's instrumental, SD2, or the pure acapella-style rap of Sunshine, with dispenses with any genuine rhythm in place of raps and short sharp beats.

On the whole, though, this is a suitably hip affair, offering something a little different from the norm, that marks another major triumph for the Ninja Tune label.

We can only look forward to the Children of Possibility maturing into something really, really special. Long may One Self continue...


Track listing:
1. Fear The Labour
2. Trying To Speak
3. Be Your Own
4. Temptation
5. Over Expose
6. Bluebird
7. SD2
8. Paranoid
9. Hollow Human Beings
10. Cupid Smiling The Smile
11. Sunshine
12. Unfamiliar Places

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