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Peter Cincotti - On The Moon

Review: Jack Foley

PETER Cincotti's latest album is called On The Moon and it's an apt title because he would appear to have the world at his feet.

An outrageously talented jazz pianist and vocalist, Cincotti burst onto the music scene in 2003 at the age of 18 and was quickly hailed as the next Harry Connick Jr.

Two years on, he has already supported Connick Jnr and has accomplished things in his fledgling career that most musicians can only dream of.

When Hollywood actor, Kevin Spacey, caught a live performance at Soho Pizza Express last year, for example, the celebrated star was so impressed with the high quality of Cincotti's performance that he asked him to star in his movie biopic on Bobby Darin, Beyond The Sea.

It is with this in mind that we now consider On The Moon, his hugely stylish second long-player.

Now I must confess, I'm not the biggest fan of jazz but it doesn't take a genius to realise that this is something special.

The young New Yorker has a confidence and grace about him that makes the album easy to listen to and frequently enjoyable.

Kicking off with the high-tempo St Louis Blues, for example, Cincotti delivers a rousing jazz number in the musical style of a David Holmes score, infusing his music with a genuinely funky vibe.

Yet this is quickly offset by the classic jazz style of Some Kind of Wonderful and I Love Paris, which finds Cincotti virtually emulating the vocal prowess of his idol, Harry Connick Jr.

I Love Paris, especially, also provides a mesmerising workout for his piano skills, which seldom fail to put a smile on the face when they are allowed to run riot.

One can imagine Cincotti's fingerwork is as dazzling as Fred Astaire's footwork and you'll no doubt be keeping an eye on those Soho Pizza Express listings to find out if you're correct.

Occasionally, the album does let itself down, however. Not every track matches the highs of the opening three tracks.

He's Watching, for example, sent a shiver down my spine as I thought he might be about to go into a jazz variation of Lionel Ritchie's Hello.

While the title track, On The Moon, is more pop than jazz and all the weaker for it.

But the album quickly comes back with the likes of the uptempo Raise The Roof, which allows Cincotti to do as its name suggests, and the album closer, Cherokee, which delivers another heart-stopping workout for Cincotti's undoubted piano-playing prowess.

On The Moon is therefore an infectious contemporary take on some classic jazz standards, as well as some of Cincotti's own material, that really ought not to be missed - either live or in record form!

Track listing:
1. St Louis Blues
2. Some Kind Of Wonderful
3. I Love Paris
4. On the Moon
5. Bali Ha'i
6. He's Watching
7. Raise The Roof
8. The Girl For Me Tonight
9. You don't Know Me
10. I'd Rather Be with You
11. Up on The Roof
12. Cherokee

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