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Pink Grease - This Is For Real

Review: Jack Foley

YOU can have too much of a good thing, and Pink Grease's eagerly-anticipated second album, This Is For Real, certainly represents an overdose.

It is an album ram-packed with sleazy, punk-driven rock tracks, grungy blues guitars, glam-laced vocals, and disco fever that starts off well, before becoming pretty tiresome.

What's more, it doesn't really sound as fresh, or exciting, as recent efforts from the funkier Scissor Sisters, or as commercial as, say, The Darkness (who continue to dominate everything at the moment).

That's not to say that This Is For Real is a terrible album; rather, it outstays its welcome, and feels a little too plain to truly be worth getting excited about.

Anyone who picked up on their vibe during the first album, All Over You, may disagree, for this certainly builds on that effort, but I have failed to get sweeped up in the post-punk, glam-rock revolution, and quickly tired of its heady excess, which all seemed to sound the same after a while.

There are some highlights, however. Former single, Fever, which begins with a guitar rift straight out of the Franz Ferdinand back catalogue, remains as lively and punchy as it did when it was first released.

While the funky Peaches makes a refreshing change from the 'yeah' and 'come on', or 'shut up' which seems to accompany the opening moment of every track.

This one builds slowly and is worth revisiting, because it stands out so much, and finds the Grease at their most accessible.

Elsewhere, the sleaze tends to get overwhelming.

Tracks such as The Nasty Show, Superfool (a Rocky Horror Show contender?) and the equally kitsch Party Live just seem to blend into each other.

And there is very little about them to suggest they might grow on you.

It's unrelenting, unvaried and pretty overwhelming by the time it reaches its conclusion.

And the shock value in lyrics such as 'I want to fucking die for you, I want to die fucking you...' cease to carry any impact after a while.

Rory Lewarne and co may find themselves having to go back to the drawing board on this one.


Track listing:
1. Remember Forever
2. Fever
3. The Pink G. R. Ease
4. Emotional Retard
5. Wind Up Bird
6. Peaches
7. The Nasty Show
8. Superfool
9. Party Live
10. Serial Heartbreaker
11. High Strung Chironi
12. Into My Heart

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