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Platinum Pied Pipers - Triple P

Review: Rob Lord

TRIPLE P has the feeling of a classic. It’s an album like Primal Screams’ Screamadelica or Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On in that it takes the listener on a trip of different feelings, emotions and thoughts.

It’s not that the tracks in themselves sound so different, but the way the album hangs together. It’s like a mini journey of styles but it never loses the thread that holds it together.

At 16 tracks, Triple P weighs in heavy. It’s hip-hop and soul, dance and r&b blended into cool, laid back vibes.

Shotgun Intro, featuring Jay Dee, is upfront hip-hop. The plodding beat takes it down a notch and with the standard horn sample Jay Dee flows over the top.

Your Day Is Done takes almost the same beat straight on from Shotgun Intro, keeping the continuity, except this time Georgia provides the vocals and offers a great contrast to Jay Dee. While Georgia raps there’s an R&B chorus providing the depth to her voice.

And that’s how Triple P goes. Each track almost flows into another with subtle differences each time.

Deep Inside has an identical beat to the previous two, just slightly faster and a touch more electronic. But the vocals have changed again, this time SA-RA Creative Partners provide a male / female trade off.

Every track is a twist on the last and a twist on a genre. Stay With Me is sugary sweet, with sexy r&b vocals, but the actual track bears no real resemblance to your average r&b number.

You may know I Got You from Giles Petersons’ Worldwide Show. It's a slow brooding piece and Tiombre Lockhart's vocals are sultry and sexy across the top.

The album ends on 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – a positively upbeat groove with a happy message. A perfect Summer tune!

It’s modern soul and modern hip-hop. The Platinum Pied Pipers have taken music and twisted and scrunched it into Triple P to produce a refreshing, multi-talented, many-layered masterpiece of modern music.

This is 2005, after all. Buy Triple P, it will brighten your life.


Track listing:
1. Shotgun Intro (feat. Jay Dee)
2. Your Day is Done (feat. Georgia)
3. Deep Inside (feat. SA-RA Creative Partners)
4. Stay With Me (feat. Tiombe Lockhart)
5. Fever (feat. Zeno)
6. No Worries (feat. Steve Spacek)
7. After the Worries
8. Act Like You Know (feat. Jay Dee)
9. Now or Never (feat. Tiombe Lockhart)
10. The Pee's (feat. MC Lacks)
11. They Don't
12. Lights Out (feat. MC Lacks and Georgia)
13. One Minute More (feat. Georgia)
14. Detroit Winter (feat. MC Invincible)
15. I Got You (feat. Tiombe Lockhart)
16. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (feat. Rojier)

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