Melody A.M. - music to feel happy to!

Review by Heather Metherell

IF EVER there was music to feel happy to, then this is it. Royksopp's debut album, Melody A.M., is a sweet, funky slice of Norwegian synthesised pop, definitely one for the post clubbers or early risers, with its toe tapping beats and silky vocals.

Before the arrival of Melody A.M, it did feel as though the last thing the world needed was yet more music to relax to. After all, we've been inundated with endless chillout albums for the past year, most of which were more dull than spending the afternoon stuck in a lift with Gareth Gates.

Luckily for us, Royksopp have avoided the clichés and come up with a truly fabulous collection of tunes, full of imagination, fun and good, old-fashioned sing along melodies.

As an album it's an all rounder, and you'll be surprised at just how many of the tracks you already know. Highlights include Remind Me, an upbeat, dance track with a bouncy bass line and soft vocals.

Sparks is sexy, mellow and moody, with lyrics full of desire and longing, while So Easy, probably one of their most famous pieces (it has been used for TV advertising), samples Burt Bacharach's 1960's hit, Blue on Blue to great effect, contrasting the haunting melody with a punchy beat and pizzicato strings.

There are no real disappointments on this record, there's just a feeling of its creators, Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland, making music to enjoy and appreciate.

Melody A.M is the soundtrack to a magical world, and is one of the few albums of the year that you can have on repeat for an hour without getting bored. If anything, you'll go away feeling like you've had the musical equivalent of a south sea island massage.

Track listings:
1. So Easy
2. Eple
3. Sparks
4. In Space
5. Poor Leno
6. Higher Place
7. Röyksopp's Night Out
8. Remind Me
9. She's So
10. 40 Years Back/Come