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Schneider TM - Reconfigures

Review: Jack Foley

GERMAN artist Schneider TM, aka Dirk Dresselhaus, is on something of a role at the moment.

Having released two albums and a handful of singles, the remixer has become progressively more sought after by people seeking to give their material a makeover.

Hailing from Berlin, Dresselhaus cites his influences as The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Sun Ra and Aphex Twin, while one of his favourite albums is Neil Young's 1982 effort, Trans, which was almost solely down through a vocoder.

Needless to say, there is a smattering of each of these influences (and more) on his third album, Reconfigures, which, as its title suggests, is a collection of remixes for artists ranging from Lamb and Ruby, through to Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub and the Turtle Bay Country Club.

And, for the most part, it's an entertaining reconfiguration of sounds that either take tracks off on different directions, or just spice them up with a few extra beats or vocal samples.

The vocoder is used extensively, while a slightly European electro-beat is probably thrown in a little too often. But, on the whole, the album works.

Highlights include a subtle makeover to Lamb's Wonder, in a previously unreleased remix form, and the hip-hop flavoured Heaven TM, by the Turtle Bay Country Club (featuring kptmichigan vs rechenzentrum, feat marc marcovic).

Opening track, Suck or Run, by Pulseprogramming, even conjures memories of Phoenix's recent Alphabetical long-player, which bears many of the same European influences.

Reconfigures, however, works best when adopting a chill-out pose, and loses out when it decides to go more upbeat.

It is in the latter category, that the album becomes a little too repetitive, with the Faint's The Conductor a prime example.

That said, there are funky moments, such as Eugene (Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub), and the driving Noitare Def Cinos, which sounds as though it belongs on a film soundtrack.

All of which serves to highlight the quirky eccentricities of Schneider's 'dressed up' style, while also showing that he continues to grow as an artist.

It's probably more of an acquired taste than most remix albums, but for something which displays an uncanny knack for flitting between touching and upbeat so effortlessly, it is well worth recommending.

Track listing:
1. Pulseprogramming
2. Margo
3. Lamb
4. Rechenzentrum
5. Turtle Bay Country Club
6. The Faint
7. Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub
8. Ruby
9. Lambchop
10. ALC Levora
11. Boss Hog
12. Turner

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