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The Best of Shakespear's Sister

Review: Jack Foley

SIOBHAN Fahey has contributed more to the British pop scene than some may initially give her credit for.

Her first band, Bananarama, entered The Guinness Book of Records as the biggest girl band on the planet, after clocking up 12 UK top 30 singles, an American No. 1 and five hit albums.

Her second band, meanwhile, was Shakespear's Sister, and they became the biggest girl duo ever, selling 2.5 million albums.

Their single, Stay, enjoyed an eight-week run at No.1 in the UK singles chart.

In 1992, they headlined Glastonbury, played at Celtic Park with Prince and caused Slash from Guns N Roses to exclaim: "I never thought I'd say this about chicks, but you rock."

To cap a memorable partnership, Siobhan won the coveted Ivor Novello award for writing the 'outstanding contemporary song collection' of its year.

It seems only fair, therefore, that Siobhan and Marcella Detroit should provide a reminder of their talents in the form of a best of compilation, which chronicles the high points from all three albums, from 1989 to 1996.

The first album, Sacred Heart, is showcased by the memorably off-kilter You're History, as well as the darkly fun Dirty Mind.

It also contains some distinctly 80s-rooted efforts that really haven't aged well, such as Heroine, but glimpses some of the darker material that was to follow, courtesy of Waiting.

The real best of Shakespear's Sister comes in the form of the tracks taken from second album, Hormonally Yours, which really did the trick for them (earning multi-platinum status).

Aside from the hauntingly mournful ballad, Stay (which still sounds like a classic track), there is the Cockney-Rebel influenced Goodbye Cruel World, and the despondent glam ballad, Hello (Turn Your Radio On).

Ironically, Marcella then left the sister act, forcing Siobhan to reinvent herself and put out a solo effort, under the Shakespear's Sister name.

The album was heavy on glam and named 3 and spawned a Top 30 hit with I Can Drive. But the album never saw the light of day.

Now, however, it is being released on Siobhan's own record label, SF Records, to coincide with the best of compilation.

It remains to be seen, however, whether Siobhan's ability to cater for the pop market is still as strong as ever.

With the best of, however, Shakespear's Sister fans get to revel in some glorious nostalgia.

Track listing:
Disc: 1
1. You’re History
2. Heroine
3. Break My Heart
4. Dirty Mind
5. Waiting
6. Goodbye Cruel World
7. Stay
8. I Don’t Care
9. Hello
10. I Can Drive
11. Excuse Me John
12. Can U Wait That Long?
13. Do I Scare You?
14. White Rabbit
15. Was It Something I Said

Disc: 2
1. Break My Heart (You Really)
2. Heroine
3. Run Silent, Run Deep
4. You're History
5. Dirty Mind [Remix]
6. The Russian Film (Feat. Dirty Mind & Heroine Live In Leningrad 1988)
7. Goodbye Cruel World
8. Stay
9. I Don't Care
10. Catwoman [Live]
11. My 16th Apology [Edit]
12. Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
13. I Can Drive

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