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Shania Twain - Greatest Hits

Review: Jack Foley

SHANIA Twain is the sexy, pop-friendly face of country music.

Known for her midriff-baring look, which courted its fair share of controversy among the country fraternity, she has celebrated 16 top ten career hits - ten of which have reached the top five and eight of which made number one.

Her most recent album, Up!, earned certification of 10x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, making Shania - which means 'I'm on my way' in the Native American language - the only artist in history to have three consecutive 10x platinum certified albums.

What's more, she's won countless Grammys and is one of the top-grossing country singers of her generation - her 2003/04 Up! tour, for instance, reached nearly $80 million overall in ticket sales for North America.

It's no surprise, therefore, to find that she has finally decided to release a greatest hits collection, which looks set to bring in the bucks once again.

The album boasts 21 tracks and consists of all the chart-topping hits and three new singles to boot.

Needless to say, it's strictly for the fans, or anyone who has bought the odd track but not invested in an album.

Shania, herself, comments: "I wanted to put together all my favourite songs from over the years for a fun, high energy album.

"This record is exactly that, as well as a dedication to all of the passionate fans that have enjoyed and supported me throughout the years."

For me, personally, Shania's career has consisted of bland chart hits and too many ballads, even though her voice is undeniably strong.

Highlights, therefore, include Man! I Feel Like A Woman!, I'm Gonna Getcha Good, and You're Still The One.

The album is not for me, yet fans will probably have a blast. It is, after all, for them.


Track listing:
1. Forever and For Always
2. I'm Gonna Getcha Good
3. UP!
4. Come On Over
5. Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
6. That Don't Impress Me Much
7. From This Moment
8. Honey, I'm Home
9. You're Still The One
10. Don't Be Stupid
11. Love Gets Me Every Time
12. No One Needs To Know
13. You Win My Love
14. I'm Outta Here
15. The Woman In Me
16. Any Man Of Mine
17. Whose Bed Have Your Boots
18. Party for Two' (with Mark McGrath)
19. Don't!
20. Party for Two (with Billy Currington)
21. I Ain't No Quitter

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