Healing is not so difficult with Sia Furler

Review by Paul White

IN RECENT times Sia Furler has been linked to Zero 7 seeing as she is featured on their single, Destiny. But she has also released her own debut LP, Healing Is Difficult, which features 13 tracks of cracking beats and funky-style tunes.

First up is Fear. A kid is sampled at the opening of the tune describing what Fear means to him. Shortly after, the beats follow along with a sweet melody. Sia's vocals swirl around the track making it sweet even though the lyrics describe a deeper subject than the upbeat melody suggests.

Taken For Granted, track three, busts out of your speakers with its symphony orchestra sample and back-breaking beats with a nice B-line also.

The album does have its quieter moments, such as Blow It All Away, with its easy rolling beats. Again, the string section lifts this tune and gives it some good dramatic and dynamic sections.

Sia's voice could well be put next to a funk diva style - very strong and tuneful - and would be well at home with the likes of Shirley Bassey and Nina Simone.

Healing Is Difficult is a collection of life's tales put into music and words, all in a funky, chilled style that deserves to be listened to.

Rippa, mate!

1. Fear
2. Drink To Get Drunk
3. Taken For Granted
4. Blow It All Away
5. Get Me
6. I'm Not Important To You
7. Sober And Unkissed
8. Healing Is Difficult
9. Judge Me
10.Little Man
11. Insidiously
+ 2 remixes