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Simple Plan - Mtv Hard Rock Live

Review: Jack Foley

MONTREAL-based rockers, Simple Plan, look to round off a brilliant year with the release of this special album, featuring their entire Mtv Hard Rock show in Orlando.

Recorded earlier this year, the album (which comes with a bonus DVD) features most of the tracks on their album, Still Not Getting Any..., as well as a newly recorded acoustic version of live favourite, Crazy.

It's strictly for the fans, of course, but it does recapture the excitement of seeing the band live and offers a telling glimpse into why they are one of the fastest-growing pop-punk acts of the moment.

The album is laden with words of encouragement from the band's lead singer, Pierre Bouvier, who seems genuinely thrilled to be playing a concert of this size at several points.

While the fans themselves appear enthusiastic and are heard to sing along on several occasions (sometimes to the detriment of the songs!).

But while this is mostly a fast and furious affair, featuring plenty of mosh-pit pleasers and frenzied guitar solos, there is the odd moment to savour, such as the spirited version of one of their biggest hits, Untitled, and another of their former singles, Shut Up, which gets the ball rolling in suitably rousing fashion.

For those who just can't get enough of Simple Plan at the moment, you might like to know that they're planning to return to the UK early next year when British fans will be able to see some of the antics on display here for themselves.

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Track listing:
Disc: 1
1. Shut Up (Live)
2. Jump (Live)
3. Worst Day Ever (Live)
4. Addicted (Live)
5. Me Against The World (Live)
6. Crazy (Live)
7. God Must Hate Me (Live)
8. Thank You (Live)
9. Welcome To My Life (Live)
10. I'm Just A Kid (Live)
11. I'd Do Anything (Live)
12. Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?) (Live)
13. Perfect (Live)
14. Crazy (Acoustic Version)

Disc: 2
1. Shut Up (Live Video Enhancement)
2. Jump (Live Video Enhancement)
3. Welcome To My Life (Live Video Enhancement)

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