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The Stands - All Years Leaving

Review: Jack Foley

WHEN The Stands released their breakthrough single, Here She Comes Again, a few weeks back, the buzz surrounding that record seemed to be heralding the arrival of another indie band in The La's/There She Goes mould.

In truth, the band's sound lies more in the psychedelia-laced days of the late Sixties/early Seventies, with vocals, guitars and mouth organs evoking comparisons with the likes of luminaries such as The Beatles, the Stones, Dylan and The Doors.

Which is no mean feat, given that The Stands are more than capable of throwing in the odd, breezy, contemporary number, such as Here She Comes Again, which really helps to keep listeners on their toes.

Little wonder then that their fanbase can count Noel Gallagher among their ever-growing number, even though a recommendation from the Oasis singer-songwriter isn't necessarily a good thing.

In this case, though, it's worth listening to. The Stands debut is an accomplished long-player, which positively bristles with energy, and which bears all the hallmarks of something that is headed for classic status.

As singer-songwriter, Howie Payne, readily confesses, some of the great tracks of the past are based around 'the same melodic structures', and 'around the melody and the lyrics', a point which led him to believe he should form a band capable of emulating that.

Hence, it's no mistake that so many of the tracks bear all the hallmarks of the bands I have already mentioned, with Always Is The Same/Shine On bearing an uncanny resemblance to Dylan, complete with searing mouth-organ solos, and the divine The Love You Give sounding like contemporary Beatles.

And yet the tracks have enough about them to possess a vitality all of their own, complete with Payne's nasal, yet chirpy vocals, and Luke Thomson and Payne's melodic guitars.

It's a breeze, for sure, a nostalgic throwback to the reasons why The Beatles and the Stones remain so endearingly popular.

The trick? Keep it simple. The effect is electric. The Stands look like they could be here to stay - and could even have the Gallaghers looking over their shoulder!

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Track listing:
1. I’ve Waited So Long
2. All Years Leaving
3. Outside Your Door
4. When This River Rolls Over You
5. It’s Only Everything
6. Always Is The Same / Shine On
7. Here She Comes Again
8. The Big Parade
9. The Love You Give
10. I Need You
11. Some Weekend Night
12. The Way She Does

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