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Steriogram - Schmack!

Review: Emma Whitelaw

SCHMACK! is like a short sharp slap in the face, or should I say, on the behind! From the word go, Schmack! hits the listener with fast talking, in-your-face, addictive lyrics. Steriogram's humour is very tongue-in-cheek.

They’re cheeky little upstarts and boy do they love it!

The first single, Walkie Talkie Man, can already be heard as the kick-ass tune rocking over the new IPod ad and the hilarious life-on-the-road video is soon set to take over our TV screens.

The story begins back in June 1999. Frontman, Brad Carter, and bassist, Jake Adams, were longtime friends from a tiny town called Whangarei (pronounced Fun ga ray) when they met up with guitarist, Tim Youngson, and rapper/vocalist, Tyson Kennedy, in Auckland and started playing gigs around the area which became notoriously manic.

After an independent release, Soccerstar, and appearances at the Big Day Out Festival in their native homeland, they gained much welcomed local success. But it wasn’t until the follow-up, White Trash, that they really achieved true blue credibility.

The album is as entertaining as it is comical. Addressing topics of being true white trash, avoiding the authority of a security man, and taking their van on the road for their shot, Steriogram breathes life into an industry full of disposable pop punk. And there's no doubt about it that these boys can rock.

They’re one for the teens and adults alike, and look set to be next in line for punk stardom. In a similar vein to aging punksters Blink 182, Green Day and The Offspring, their sound is almost identical to fellow antipodeans, Regurgitator, especially in the sense that they combine clever lyrics with downright rocking rifts.

The title track, Schmack!, is particularly amusing coming up with a new way to find your perfect lady through advertising: Female Flatmate Wanted.

The self-accepting, Fat and Proud, is another that gets a well worthy chuckle. But it’s not all about the laughs; they are incredibly talented musicians too!

Overall, the boys have put together one helluva rockin album that goes far beyond what you hear in the short space of an IPod ad. Buy it – you will not be disappointed!


Track listing:
1. Roadtrip
2. Walkie Talkie Man
3. Schmack!
4. Was The Day
5. White Trash
6. In The City
7. Go
8. Fat And Proud
9. Tsunami
10. Wind It Up
11. Be Good To Me
12. On And On
13. "Making Of..." (video)
14. Walkie Talkie Man (video)

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