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Stonebridge - Can't Get Enough

Review: Jack Foley

STONEBRIDGE is another of those remix kings who have finally decided to go it alone, enlisting the support of hip album label, Hed Kandi, to up the profile of his debut effort, Can't Get Enough.

Whether the trendy packaging and excitement surrounding the release is justified, however, is distinctly questionable.

Stonebridge, 'a stalwart of the exclusive international DJ set' (according to his PR), has been responsible for remixing many number one hits, including, most recently, Enrique Iglesias' Escape - a number one Billboard club play and world-wide hit.

And that should provide some indication of what to expect from the album, given that it seems tailored towards the same international club crowd that he probably spends most of his time hanging out with.

That is to say, the sweaty enclaves of Miami or Ibiza, which provide little or no allure for this particular reviewer.

For Can't Get Enough, he has collaborated with the likes of Ultra Nate, Chris Coco, Julie Morrison and Jay Soul, but aside from the odd moment of change, this is a tedious, dance-beat laden album, that comes across as just another Roger Sanchez/Ian Van Dahl hybrid.

In Stonebridge's own words, he wanted an album with full songs, not just tracks, that are remembered in a year's time.

"The spirit could be described as future-retro, but at the same time it is a varied collection because of the many collaborators.

"I also used a lot of retro gear when recording the album to make it sound warm and less programmed," he explains.

That may be so, but the variety he talks about seems to be lacking.

Tracks such as Show You How certainly contain the retro vibe, but there is nothing really to differentiate it from any number of DJ/singer collaborations, despite the best efforts of Joy Soul's latest rap.

What's worse, Julie Morrison's soulful vocals could just as easily have been delivered by a former Spice girl, or any number of pop divas.

While the whole style of the track lends itself to the sort of Summer party anthem feel of a Will Smith track, albeit with less of the cheesey flare.

Freak On is another case in the point, laced with 80s electronica, but featuring a lazy beat that makes it simply blend into many of the other tracks on the album.

The whole album feels like an overlong remix, with its eye on both the 70s and 80s revivals that have been going on of late, without bringing anything fresh or exciting to the equation.

Only the title track, and opening number, Can't Get Enough, offers anything worth writing home about - but unlike its name, I could get enough of the rest of the long-player.

Track listing:
1. Can’t Get Enough feat Charlie King
2. Give A Little feat Rita Campbell
3. Put Em High feat Therese
4. Once In A Lifetime feat Da Yeene
5. Show You How feat Julie Morrison & Jay Soul
6. Freak On feat Ultra Nate
7. A Little Bit Crazy feat Stella
8. Deeper Love feat David Gordon
9. Desire feat Bonnie Bailey
10. Take Me Away feat Therese
11. Clorophilla (Put A Little Love) feat Isabel Fructuoso
12. Gotta Give It Up feat Kenny Thomas
13. Let’s Loze It feat Jay Soul
14. What A Day feat Chris Coco & Da Yeene
15. 60 Seconds

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