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Subways - Young for Eternity

Review: Jack Foley

IN A recent interview, hot young rockers, Subways, declared that they believe in 'the abandonment of style'.

Listening to their debut album, Young For Eternity, it's clear to see that they have put this belief into practice.

The long-player is an explosive collection of styles that effortlessly draws favourable comparisons with the swagger of young Oasis (who rate among their fans), the pop-rock of Ash, and the raw, raucous charm of The Von Bondies and The White Stripes.

Needless to say, Young For Eternity is a terrific listen and one which builds on the promise shown by former singles, Oh Yeah and Rock & Roll Queen.

Comprised of two intense boys (Billy Lunn and Josh Morgan) and one impossibly sassy girl (Charlotte Cooper), Subways boast an average age of 18 and hail from Welwyn Garden City.

Their music defies their age, however, and is an eclectic collection of energetic rock tracks that refuse to conform to any one style.

Oh Yeah and Rock & Roll Queen were classic examples of garage rock tinged with punk, yet they don't tell the whole story.

Elsewhere, Lines of Light is a psychedelic delight, a gloriously laidback record that owes more in style to the lush melodies of Joy Zipper.

While the acoustic ballad, Mary, is a cheeky ode to a best friend who makes tea that tips its hat to both Oasis and Ash.

The grunge style of City Pavement clearly takes its inspiration from Nirvana, yet is neatly broken up with a vocal trade-off between Charlotte and Billy.

It is quickly followed by another acoustic gem, No Goodbyes, which contains some beautiful melodies and genuinely catchy hooks.

The change of pace is designed to catch you by surprise and does so delightfully.

The energy levels are cranked back up to the max for the hard-rocking With You, another love song designed to inspire the disenchanted youth of today.

But, again, the band follow it up with another slow-burner, She Sun, which has to rate as one of the album's many highlights (especially due to the multi-layered guitars and pianos running through it).

With a debut album as strong as this, and support from the likes of Oasis, Zane Lowe and Michael Eavis helping their cause, it's safe to say that Subways are going to be very, very big.

Make sure you get on board at this early stage.

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Track listing:
1. I Want to Hear What you Have Got to Say
2. Holiday
3. Rock & Roll Queen
4. Mary
5. Young For Eternity
6. Lines of Light
7. Oh Yeah
8. City Pavement
9. No Goodbyes
10. With You
11. She Sun
12. Somewhere
13. At 1AM



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Oh Yeah

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At 1AM

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