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Super Furry Animals - Songbook: The Singles

Review: Jack Foley

THE quirky, arresting charm that has been The Super Furry Animals over the past 11 years is finally put together on one record, in the form of this excellent Songbook, to the delight of all Super Furry fans out there.

Formed in Cardiff, in 1993, the band enjoyed instant success on the underground scene, following the release of their debut EP on the local Ankst label, and were promptly snapped up by Alan McGee for his Creation label (who were basking in the success of Oasis).

Since then, they have continued to provide some of the quirkiest, most bizarre pop tunes ever to grace the upper reaches of the chart - bringing some much needed relief from the manufactured, mainstream fare that courts most radio airplay.

This singles collection (cunningly subtitled Volume One) brings together all of the classics, from the Welsh sung Blerwytirhwng?, through to the recent re-release of the perennial live favourite, and set-closer, The Man Don’t Give A Fuck.

Throughout, it is laced with moments of compelling genius, such as the wondrous opening song, Something 4 The Weekend (an excellent way to ease into a rest period), via the trumpet-laden serenade that is Northern Lites; through to the beautiful Juxtaposed With U and the equally poignant Hello Sunshine, from their most recent long-player, Phantom Power.

Some of it may be a little too out-there, or arty, for the unconverted, but, in the main, this is an album that is as essential for the true fans among you, as it is for thost who have yet to discover the true joy that listening to the Super Furrys can bring.

We would urge you not to miss out on the opportunity of owning the essential back catalogue on one CD; with 21 tracks to enjoy, there should be something for everyone.

Track listing:
1. Something 4 The Weekend
2. It's Not The End Of The World?
3. Northern Lites
4. Juxtapozed With U
5. Slow Life
6. Fire In My Heart
7. The Man Don't Give A F**k
8. Hermann Loves Pauline
9. Play It Cool
10. Ice Hockey Hair
11. Do Or Die
12. (Drawing) Rings Around The World
13. God! Show Me Magic
14. Ysbeidiau Heulog
15. Demons
16. Golden Retriever
17. The International Language Of Screaming
18. Hello Sunshine
19. Hometown Unicorn
20. If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You
21. Blerwytirhwng?

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