A Semi-Charmed kind of first album for Third Eye Blind

Review by Jack Foley

AS DEBUT albums go, the self titled first effort from Third Eye Blind is one of the best - a gutsy collection of rock `n' roll anthems which deserves to be sought out and heard.

The appeal of the band is best exemplified in the sublime Semi-Charmed Life, a track which they have yet to better, despite coming close on occasion.

Instantly catchy and great to sing along to, Semi-Charmed Life is, quite simply put, charming and features one of my all time favourite set of lyrics - `I believe in the sand beneath my toes, the beach gives a feeling, an earthly feeling I believe in'.

Equally impressive is the heartfelt ballad How's It Going To Be which is enlivened by an outstanding vocal performance which screams of frustrated love.

Graduate, another failed single in the UK, is a louder, more brash tune, but no less infectious and a good indicator of the band's preferred type of music - 3b features more loud moments than it does quiet.

Yet tracks such as I Want You and The Background are examples of Third Eye Blind at their most mellow, must-be heard best (and, once more, feature classic examples of great song writing).

Third Eye Blind may not be to everyone's taste and I'm confident that those who like to keep an ear on the charts will find it a turn off, but as an example of what the US can produce without going to the hardcore excesses of Limp Bizkit or The Offspring, this is a gem just waiting to be discovered.

1) Losing A Whole Year
2) Narcolepsy
3) Semi-Charmed Life
4) Jumper
5) Graduate
6) How's It Going To Be
7) Thanks A Lot
8) Burning Man
9) Good For You
10) London
11) I Want You
12) The Background
13) Motorcycle Drive By
14) God Of Wine