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Travis - Singles

Review: Jack Foley

TRAVIS are living proof that you can sometimes get too much of a good thing.

A mainstream band known for their catchy hooks and easy-going melodies, they possess that all too rare ability to appeal to a number of listeners, seldom sounding out of place among the Capital radio crowd, as well as the Xfm fraternity and the Radio 1 brigade.

Ever since the release of The Man Who LP, which spawned the singles Waiting To Reach You, Driftwood and Why Does It Always Rain On Me?, the band have been over-played to the point of exhaustion, making once catchy singles more than a little over-familiar.

Virgin Radio, in especially, seems to have made a point of playing Sing to death, while Turn and Why Does It Always Rain On Me seem to be ever-presents on countless playlists.

You have to wonder, therefore, is there any need for a best of compilation when so many of the tracks are readily available by simply switching on the radio?

That said, there have been moments, in the past few years, when Travis have tried to diversify, finding a grittier, more worthwhile edge in their most recent album, 12 Memories, which really delivered some timeless tracks.

Sadly, it failed to ignite in quite the same way as The Man Who, making it something of a failure in the eyes of the mainstream.

But there is no denying the greater durability, in my opinion, of tracks such as the politically motivated, The Beautiful Occupation, or the hard-hitting sentiment of Re-Offender.

And in current single, Walking In The Sun, you have the perfect example of why Travis are so highly-regarded for being able to deliver a feel-good melody. The guitar riffs are a real breeze and a million miles from some of the more ponderous material that has helped to earn them such a bad name in certain quarters.

If nothing else, The Singles does serve to show how diverse the band is, while placing their finest moments all on the one album.

For that reason alone, it's probably worth a place in anyone's record collection, so long as you don't overplay it!



Track listing:
1. Sing
2. Driftwood
3. Writing To Reach You
4. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
5. Re-Offender
6. Walking In The Sun
7. Tied To The 90's
8. Coming Around
9. Flowers In The Window
10. Love Will Come Through
11. More Than Us (Single Version)
12. Side
13. U16 Girls
14. Happy
15. All I Want To Do Is Rock
16. The Beautiful Occupation
17. Turn
18. The Distance

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