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Underworld - 1992 - 2002

Review: Jack Foley

EVERYONE who has lived and loved dance music in the past 15 years has had an Underworld moment.

Whether it was hearing Rez for the first time at a Boys' Own party in 1993, or Two Months off on an Ibiza terrace ten years later, there isn't a clubber among you who hasn't been influenced by something that Underworld has had to offer.

And that's not even mentioning their seminal Trainspotting track, Born Slippy, which was recently given a makeover to commemorate its anniversary.

So, with Christmas approaching (traditionally the time of greatest hits compilations), why not rediscover the joys of these dance pioneers as they take you through some of their finest moments, courtesy of a two-disc compilation?

Highlights undoubtedly include that Trainspotting record, which still sounds fresh today, as well as recent single, Two Months Off, and the sweaty King of Snake.

On the downside, some of Underworld's work does have a tendency to go on a little too long, using the same monotonous beats which are designed to appeal to only the most hardcore dance fans, but, thankfully, tracks such as these are kept to a minimum on this compilation.

It's when they attempt to divert from the usual heavy beats, however, that Underworld really excel, with the likes of the superb Pearl's Girl and the mellow 8 Ball hinting at an ability to chart more daring and less obvious territory.

Played as a whole, it's hard to resist the urge to get up and bop away the hours until your hearts' content, such is the infectious energy and sweaty enthusiasm contained within Rick Smith and Karl Hyde's mixing.

For that reason alone, it is well worth owning, particularly as it puts Underworld's finest moments together in the form of a definitive collection.

Track listing:
Disc: 1
1. Big Mouth
2. Dirty
3. Skyscraper
4. Rez
5. Spikee
6. Dirty Epic
7. Dark and Long

Disc: 2
1. Cowgirl
2. Pearls Girl
3. Born Slippy
4. Jumbo
5. Push Up
6. Moaner
7. K.O.S.
8. 8 Ball
9. 2 Months Off

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